Hover, A New Multiplayer Parkour Game, Launching on PS4 September 18


Hover is the newest multiplayer parkour game coming to PS4 in September. It is an indie title from the studio Fusty Games that has been busy in working on this wonderful little game for the past four years. You can check out the action packed trailer of Hover below.

This information was revealed by Pierre Raffali on the official PS Blog who is the programmer and animator of the game at Fusty Games. You can check out his official post here.

If you do not know what Hover is, it is an action packed multiplayer parkour game in which, players join the rebellion against an anti-leisure tyranny. The players unite to take back the control of a futuristic and lively city called Hover City. The developers call the city a vertiginous floor based place and the city looks amazing. Visually the city is looks like a futuristic city with cartoony visuals and the level of details is amazing.

Image Courtesy: Fusty Games, Steam

The city comes complete with sewers and skyscrapers and players can parkour on every surface that they can find. This gives the players complete freedom to move around the city in anyway that they want. For this, they also worked really hard on creating the best parkour movement system for the players. The player movement is fluid and does not feel lacking at all. Players can jump, wall-jump, wall-climb and grind on every surface that they want.

Hover also features a very streamlined multiplayer experience as the game does not have any sort of lobbies and queues. The servers are always running and in flow and the players can simply join the game whenever they want without any sort of wait. The game feels like you are playing solo in online mode due to this feature. This also creates an MMO feeling with the game.

Hover started as a Kickstarter project and the Steam version was launched in May 2017 as the title was greenlit. The game received very well reviews from the gamers and they were very happy with the concept of the game. After the PC launch, the developers have been working hard on the PS4 version and now the game will finally launch on the PS4 console on September 18, 2018.

The developers have also revealed that the game will feature cross-play between PS4 and PC so the players can be able to play with each other without any problem. Friends who play cross-console would love this feature and they will not be required to buy the game again to play with their console friends.

We really hope that the developers look forward to creating Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions as players would love to try out the game on their respective consoles.

Let us know in the comments section whether you will be purchasing Hover on PS4 when it comes out or not.

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