Upcoming Horror RPG Sunshine Manor Gets New Trailer

Sunshine Manor New Trailer

Fossil Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming horror RPG Sunshine Manor detailing more gameplay and details from the title. The new trailer focuses on combat, enemies, boss fights, puzzles, and much more that will be featured in the full game when it comes out later this year. The top-down, pixelated horror RPG is shaping up to be a great title as seen in the new trailer.

Check out the new Sunshine Manor trailer below before we jump into further details:

Paul Dolby, developer at Fossil Games commented:

As you can see from the trailer there’s a lot more to Sunshine Manor than your standard horror RPG. The team has added combat, multiple enemies, boss fights, puzzles, and much more awaits you behind the doors of the mysterious Aitken Manor.

Sunshine Manor is set inside the Aitken Manor where you play as Ada. Ada is out on a regular night of trick or treating however it turns into a night of terror when she is trapped inside the old Aitken Manor. You will need to use Ada’s psychic powers to battle all kinds of fiendish demons, solve puzzles and defeat the omnipresent Shadow Man who is always watching all your moves in the game.

Sunshine Manor New Trailer

Pre-orders will go live for Sunshine Manor later however a Steam page for the game is now live where you can add the game to your wishlist. Sunshine Manor started its journey as a Kickstarter title back in October 2020, when the game reached its fund target rather quickly along with some of the Stretch Goals for the game as well. The developer announced in November 2020 that the development of the title is in full swing following the Kickstarter campaign with a launch date of October 31, 2021.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you would be interested in playing Sunshine Manor when it comes out later this year or not.

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