Horizon Forbidden West Continues Aloy’s Story as She Heads West

Horizon Forbidden West

One of the top game announcements that were made at the Sony PS5 event yesterday included Horizon Forbidden West. Guerilla Games announce the sequel to its critically acclaimed title, Horizon Zero Dawn, where Aloy continues her story as she heads west to find more answers before the apocalypse.

The sequel brings a new look at the story of the apocalyptical world and how it is even riskier for Aloy. Along with new environments and features, such as the underwater traversing, the trailer also features new dangers, new machines that Aloy will have to fight against, and the corruption that is taking over the world and the machines.

Guerilla Games has not given out many details other than the trailer itself featuring whatever story and gameplay features the game is going to have. Unlike other developers that have posted blog posts with some additional details of their games, Guerilla is yet to talk more about the game and its development for the PlayStation 5.

Although it is confirmed to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive title, there is no confirmation when we can expect to see the game or if there is a release window in plan. Granted that it is too early to say anything, the game might still be in development and might take a few months to a year to release after the launch of the PlayStation 5.

As mentioned before, Horizon Forbidden West will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive title much like its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn. However, the first title in the series was recently announced to be heading for PC players after several years since its release. Whether or not the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West is going to launch on other platforms is too early to say.

What do you think of Horizon Forbidden West? Did you like the trailer of the new game? Post your comments below.

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