Horizon Chase Turbo Roadmap Detailed, New Content Inbound

Horizon Chase Turbo Roadmap

Aquiris has detailed the roadmap for Horizon Chase Turbo and the future looks very bright for the title. The retro-inspired racer is getting brand new content in the coming months which includes new cars, new modes, and campaigns to keep players busy in this beautiful retro racer. Detailed information is not yet known however the roadmap announced looks full of new content.

The first thing coming to Horizon Chase Turbo is the new Playground 2.0 mode. In this brand new mode, players will be able to become the fastest racer as they try to win and lead the ranking. Each win will give them exclusive rewards that will surely keep them interested enough to come back and win more and more rewards.

The revised mode will feature a new scoring system as players will collect coins while racing and gain access to new skins in special seasons. New rewards and seasons will keep coming to the Playground 2.0 mode. New DLC is also planned for Horizon Chase Turbo. It features a brand new car as well as campaign DLC.

Horizon Chase Turbo Roadmap

The game already features a decent amount of cars and campaign events but it seems like players will be getting even more content for the retro racer in the coming days with a brand new DLC car and exclusive campaign DLC. Apart from DLC, the game will also get some new game modes which will allow players to race in brand new never before seen game modes.

The concept behind the new modes is coming straight from player feedback on social media and their interactions within the game so we can expect some cool new modes coming to the game in the future. More details on the roadmap will be announced at a later stage. We do not have confirmed release dates at this point for the roadmap but Aquiris might announce them soon.

What are you looking forward to playing in the newly announced roadmap for Horizon Chase Turbo? Let us know in the comments section below.

Horizon Chase Turbo is now out on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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