New Hori Accessories to Launch Alongside Nintendo Switch Lite

Hori Nintendo Switch Lite

Hori is one of the most famous accessories makers in the world at this point and recently, it has announced that it will release a brand new range of accessories alongside Nintendo Switch Lite. Hori is an officially licensed launch partner for the Nintendo Switch Lite and will release some of the best possible accessories right alongside the console for players to purchase when they buy the upcoming console.

We all purchase some complimenting accessories alongside every console we purchase for numerous purposes. They could be protection, adding more storage and making it easier to use the console in general such as controller charging decks and more. Hori is ensuring that when players come to buy their new Nintendo Switch Lite console, they have plenty of useful accessories to opt for right away.

The new line of officially licensed accessories for Nintendo Switch Lite includes storage solutions, screen protectors and other accessories that will really help the players get the most out of their brand new Nintendo Switch Lite console. According to Hori, they have been working with Nintendo for a long time to develop this brand new line of accessories and they are proud of the partnership.

Nintendo revealed Nintendo Switch Lite earlier this month although it was rumored for a long time. The brand new console is focused only on handheld mode as the Joy-Cons are not detachable from the console. It will be priced at $199 and will come in three different colors for players to choose from. It also does not come with dock and the Joy-Con comes with a D-Pad.

Since the console cannot be docked, it also means that it will have different performance rating when compared with the standard console because that gets a boost when the console is docked. However, Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America President, explained that all games will be optimized for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Players will not miss out on anything that they want to.

Are you looking forward to purchasing Hori accessories along with your brand new Nintendo Switch Lite when it comes out on September 20, 2019? Let us know in the comments section below.


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