Publisher Hooded Horse Showcases Stellar TactiCon 2023 Presence

Publisher Hooded Horse has announced its full lineup for the currently ongoing TactiCon 2023 on Steam along with its co-host publisher Firesquid. TactiCon 2023 is a Steam-based strategy game convention where demos, gameplay footage, and discounts are offered by different publishers who are currently developing or have released strategy games and Hooded Horse is participating in the event in full swing with a solid lineup of different titles.

Check out the Hooded Horse’s new TactiCon 2023 launch trailer below to see what you can expect from the publisher:

The main highlights of Hooded Horse in the TactiCon 2023 are the sci-fi tactical deck-building game Breachway, the turn-based strategy game Mars Tactics, and RTS/4X/Survival mash-up Fragile Existence. This event is important for Breachway because the title is debuting its demo for the first time which will allow players to experience the game’s tactical combat, where the ship’s loadout determines what cards make up the deck. The developer Edgeflow is also excited to show off the recent additions to the game which include equipment targeting. These additions will add further layers to tactical decisions.

The new demo offers two ships and loadout options and if you are interested in trying it out, you can download it from the game’s Steam page right now. Takibi Games, the developer of Mars Tactics, has been working hard to improve the game and is also taking part in the event to showcase a range of new features. You will witness dropships, air strikes, armored dogs, new biomes, and the full power of the game’s tactical and strategic sandbox in the new trailer released for the event. You can try out a special demo for Mars Tactics as well.

Fragile Continuum, the developer behind Fragile Existence, has been busy in their studios as well working on their upcoming title as they have laid new foundations for their title. The developer has released a new trailer for Fragile Existence which showcases new in-game mechanics such as entering orbit to getting a base of operations up and running on a planet, the crucial early moments in a new star system are explored in more detail. Check it out below:

Apart from these three spotlight titles, Hooded Horse has also released special in-depth developer diaries for their other titles including the espionage-themed grand strategy game Espiocracy, the medieval management game Blacksmith Master, and a new update for Against the Storm. Developer Eremite Games has released a brand-new patch for their dark fantasy roguelite city builder Against the Storm and it adds a small glade – Treasure Stags, Wandering Merchants, and abandoned Rainpunk Drills events to make these safer options more interesting. The developer has also teased an upcoming major roadmap item, the World Map Cycle Overhaul.

Make sure that you check out our Early Access review of Against the Storm as well in which we greatly liked the title. The title is quickly pacing towards its 1.0 release and along the way, it has managed to pick up a finalist nomination for IGF 2023’s “Excellence in Game Design” award, and winning the Indie Cup CEE ‘23’s “Most Anticipated Game” and Digital Vikings’ “Best Indie Game 2022” awards. Ex Vivio Studios, the developer behind Espiocracy, has a lot of interesting things to share about their new game as well. Their most recent developer diary describes how contextual events adapt to the player and the strategy game’s sandbox nature to give life to the world, even for important historical events like the moon landing.

Its intricate reporting system keeps you updated on everything from internal shifts to the actions of outside forces. Finally, Untitled Studios has also released its first developer diary for their new title Blacksmith Master which was announced last month. The developer diary gives us the first in-depth look at some of the decisions made to enhance replayability and recent additions such as new items and an additional crafting resource. To conclude, Hooded Horse is also offering discounts and free demos for additional titles as well including:

  • Xenonauts 2
  • Sons of Valhalla
  • Capital Command
  • Alliance of the Sacred Suns
  • The Way of Wrath
  • Fata Deum

TactiCon 2023 is live right now and it will run until May 15, 2023, and it features over 100+ games with everything ranging from new announcements and gameplay for upcoming titles to discounts, and updates for already released games. Hooded Horse has also shared the main showcase which was aired at the start of TactiCon 2023 highlighting the games featured during the event. We have linked it below for you:

Which Hooded Horse game are you most excited to see at the TactiCon 2023? Let us know in the comments section below.

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