Hive Jump 2: Survivors Unleashes Intense Alien Combat in Roguelike Sequel

Hive Jump 2: Survivors

Jump 2: Survivors, the thrilling sci-fi bullet hell roguelike sequel to the acclaimed action-platformer Hive Jump, gears up for launch on PC via Steam Early Access on May 29, 2024. Developed by Graphite Lab and published by Midwest Games, this sequel promises an explosive and challenging experience as players take on the role of a lone survivor stranded on a hostile planet, facing relentless waves of deadly extraterrestrial bugs.

In Hive Jump 2: Survivors, players engineer a lethal arsenal of augmentations to fend off swarms of murderous bug-like aliens, employing every tool at their disposal to ensure survival. With jetpacks as their primary means of mobility, players can zip across treacherous terrain, dodge incoming attacks, and unleash devastating firepower on their enemies. Augmentations such as increased damage and health reserves allow for customization and strategic adaptation to combat scenarios.

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The game features a variety of enemy types, from plasma-spewing Bombarders to claw-snapping Crushers, each posing unique challenges that demand tactical prowess and quick reflexes. Players can choose between manual aiming for precision control or utilizing auto-firing for a more accessible experience, making it suitable for both seasoned players and newcomers.

Currency in the game, referred to as “goo,” can be obtained by exterminating enemy hives and collecting bug carcasses. Goo can then be exchanged for a range of weapons, utilities, and relics of varying rarity, enhancing the player’s arsenal and survivability. Additionally, collecting precious Amber grants permanent upgrades, providing a sense of progression and reward.

Players can select from a diverse roster of Jumpers, each with distinct abilities and attributes, such as speed, rate of fire, and health. Experimenting with different combinations of power-ups, weapons, and Jumpers adds depth and replayability to the gameplay experience, ensuring that every run feels fresh and challenging.

Hive Jump 2: Survivors

Matt Raithel, Studio Director of Graphite Lab, expressed excitement about the sequel, stating, The fast-paced combat of Hive Jump 2: Survivors combined with its distinctive jetpack mechanics make for a roguelike that stands out from the swarm.

Hive Jump 2: Survivors will launch in English on Steam Early Access on May 29, 2024, with plans for additional localization support in future updates. Fans of intense alien combat and roguelike challenges can gear up for an action-packed adventure filled with relentless battles and thrilling gameplay.

Would you be interested in playing Hive Jump 2: Survivors when it launches in PC Early Access via Steam later this month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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