Hitman 2 Standard and Gold Edition Official Release Times

Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is set to launch next week and IO Interactive have just announced the game’s release time information. Unfortunately, there is no preloading once you purchase the game, which means you will have to download the 40GB game once it is launched worldwide officially.

If you have purchased the standard edition of Hitman 2, you will be able to download the game at 10:00 PST on 13 November, which is the official day of the launch. However, if you opted for the premium Gold Edition or the Collector’s Edition of Hitman 2, you can play it as early as 9 November, which is this Friday. Release time for the Gold Edition Hitman 2 is 10:00 PST

The information was released on the official Twitter account of Hitman 2 where it was said to be releasing the Gold and the Collector’s Edition as early as 9 November at midnight.

The game may be coming in episodic stages for fans with different purchases but that will not be the case for the game, as was the case with its predecessor. Hitman came out with its content in various episodes that were released periodically, but that will not be the case for the upcoming Hitman 2 as it will be offering all its content on day one.

In case you are just finding out and are interested in buying the game, we will list all the editions of Hitman 2 that you can buy right now. Hitman 2 comes in the following editons:

Standard Edition $59.99, comes with the basic game, plus the Sniper Assassin Mode if you pre-order the game.

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Silver Edition $79.99, comes with the Digital game, Sniper Assassin Mode, Executive Pack (Pistol and Briefcase), and Expansion 1.

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Gold Edition $99.99, comes with everything mentioned in Silver Edition, and the second Expansion of the game.

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Collector’s Edition $149.99, comes with everything mentioned in the Gold Edition, a Collector’s Pack, and physical items like the replica Agent 47 gun case, a bullet key ring, rubber duck, and a signature coin.

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