Heartbeat is an Indie RPG Releasing September 14 – Demo Out Now


Heartbeat is an adorable RPGMaker game by Chumbosoft that is set to be released on September 14, 2018. The gameplay trailer was shown in August last month which hinted a Pokemon type world and animals in the game.

Heartbeat features several cute animals that look like pokemon but are called Mogwai. These animals seem to talk to your main character, Eve Staccato. You are given a kitty companion called Klein. Klein provides you company everywhere and helps in battles. In addition, Klein can fit into small places that Eve cannot, this helps you explore new places.

According to the games description, many of the companions have skills like these which will help you uncovering the world’s many secrets.


“After a great war between humans and Mogs, the world you dwell in lives in a constant state of uncertainty and danger. As a Conjurer, a human marked by Mogs, it is your duty to maintain the peace and ensure balance between all who share the earth beneath your feet.

You are Eve Staccato, a simple Conjurer from a small mountain town. What starts out as a simple errand from your grandfather ends up becoming an adventure full of both wonder and peril. You will meet new friends and foes as you take on this strange and transcendent journey.”

A demo for Heartbeat is also available to download for PC users. If you decide to play the demo, your save points will carry to the full game when it releases.

Heartbeat Features

  • 15+ hours of a character-driven story that comes with multiple endings and a post-game.
  • Explore a vast world with a huge cast of Mogs and humans you can befriend!
  • Allies assist you on and off the battlefield with skills to  navigate through puzzles and uncover secrets.
  • From fishing to card-collecting, you can indulge in some respite if your heart wills it.
  • Side quests provide you with a deeper understanding of the game’s lore… and they give out unique rewards to boot!
  • Fight through the arena and endurance modes to really test your skills.
  • Raise a magical baby moth and customize them according to your play-style by feeding them special enemy drops.
  • Over 100+ unique enemies to encounter and battle!

You can find out more about Heartbeat and download the demo on its itch.io page. The game will be priced at $10 when it releases on September 14th.

Are you looking forward for this pokemon-esque game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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