Halo: Infinite Will Not Feature Paid Loot Boxes

Halo: Infinite

343 Industries have revealed that Halo: Infinite despite having Microtransactions in the game will not feature paid Loot Boxes which was becoming a pandemic for all modern games. This is a great news for players because paid Loot Boxes were now always causing controversies for developers and recent games to feature too much on paid Loot Boxes had very poor sales.

This was revealed by 343 Industries FPS Studio Head who was responding to a fan’s concerns over Halo: Infinite having Microtransactions in the game. He assured him by saying that they are still working on how to implement Microtransactions in the game but one thing is certain that their will be no paid Loot Boxes in the game.

His official word were

Keep the faith, it’s appreciated! We’re still working through final plans and will share more when we are ready, but I can definitely say that Halo Infinite will not include real-money loot boxes.

We are happy that developers are now actively listening to their fans feedback and now finding workarounds for the dreaded concept of paid Loot Boxes. Although most of these Loot Boxes contain cosmetic items about their inclusion in any game alone gives out a very bad impression to the players about the developers of the game.

The fact that Halo: Infinite will have Microtransactions was revealed by some recent job listings at 343 Industries, which also gave the hint of game adopting the Game-as-a-Service business model. Microtransactions are a common thing in this type of business model as the company has to maintain the game for a long period of time so they will need some sort of funding.

However, some past games were not even launched using this business model yet they featured paid Loot Boxes which ended up failing to reach sale milestones and hence sent a very strong message to the various developers across the industry. Belgium even banned Paid Loot Boxes by calling them a way of gambling and EA is now facing criminal investigations for going against the rules.

Personally, we do not like the idea of paid Loot Boxes or any sort of Microtransactions in the game. Players pay full amount of the game and then they are pushed by the developers to pay for mere cosmetic items which give no in-game benefits as well.

We support the idea of 343 Industries for at least not including paid loot boxes in the game. They are still working on the game so we will need to wait and see how they implement the concept of Microtransactions without paid Loot Boxes.

Halo: Infinite is 343 Industries upcoming title for the Halo franchise. It was announced during their E3 conference in June 2018 when a demo of in-game was shown. At this point, no other information is known about the game.  We will share more information about Halo: Infinite once it is released.

Let us know in the comments section below about how you feel about 343 Industries announcing that Halo: Infinite will not have paid Loot Boxes.

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