Half-Life: Alyx Weapons Guide – Weapon Upgrades, Mods

Half-Life: Alyx Weapons Guide

This Half-Life: Alyx Weapons Guide will show you all the weapons that you can have in the game, and also detail all the various weapons upgrades you can equip on a certain weapon. The game comes with a variety of different weapon choices from SMGs, pistols to shotguns.

Each weapon has the ability to be upgraded to make them perform better. You can have different upgrades that allow you to increase magazine size, or attack a laser sight to help you hit targets accurately.

Half-Life: Alyx Weapons Guide

Below we have detailed all the weapons and upgrades in the game.


The first weapon you get in the game is the Pistol, which is the standard weapon to have early on. The Pistol has 10 rounds but can be upgraded to hold more rounds. The pistol requires you to chamber the round, which is exactly how a real pistol has to be loaded. Remember to pull back on the weapon to chamber the round.

This weapon comes with the following upgrade mods:

  • Laser Sight: This will add a Laser Sight for increased accuracy. Cost: 35
  • Reflex Sight: With this mod, all tactical targets will be highlighted. Cost: 10
  • Burst Fire: This mod allows you to switch between burst or single fire mode. Burst allows you to fire three quick rounds. Cost: 20
  • Bullet Reservoir: This mod will add 10 additional rounds. Cost: 30


The shotgun is the best weapon choice to take out a group of enemies, or the headcrabs, or to blast away Combine enemies. The shotgun can hold six shells before manually opening it and loading shells inside. The best part about the shotgun is that you can attach a grenade launcher on it which adds to its devastating power.

The shotgun comes with the following upgrade mods:

  • Grenade Launcher: Attach a grenade launcher on the shotgun. Cost: 40
  • Laser Sight: this will add a laser sight for increased accuracy. Cost: 10
  • Double Shot: you can find two shots immediately, one after the other. Cost: 25
  • Autoloader: This will help you quickly load the shotgun without having to do it manually. Cost: 30


The SMG is a weapon used by the Combine soldiers. It is a fast shooting weapon that allows you to spray away at will towards any target you want. Equipping it with all the upgrades makes it a very handy weapon you can have.

The SMG has the following upgrades that you can equip:

  • Laser Sight: This will add a laser sight for increased accuracy. Cost: 25
  • Reflex Sight: With this mod, all tactical targets will be highlighted. Cost: 15
  • Extended Mag: This will allow you to have more power cell rounds in the weapon. cost: 30.


The game comes with two types of throwable grenades. Both work differently in dealing with enemies.

Xen Grenade

You can get the Xen Grenades from the tentacles of the Xen creatures found in the game. This will deal damage to any target that gets in the blast radius of the grenade.

Combine Grenade

This type of grenade is both throwable, and can also be loaded on the grenade launcher mod on your Shotgun.

This concludes our Half-Life: Alyx Weapons Guide. Post your comments below.

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