Hajime Tabata Has Announced a New Game Studio, JP Games Launching Early 2019

JP Games

Hajime Tabata has announced that after splitting ways with Square Enix, he is now planning to open his own gaming studio, JP Games. Currently the official launch of JP Games will happen in January 2019.

JP Games

This was announced by Hajime Tabata in an official Facebook post where he listed the name JP Games as his new company and further mentioned that he is planning to launch the studio officially in January 2019. Furthermore, he asked his followers for their support.

His official post states

I started up my own company called JP Games, Inc. Right now, we are preparing for a target January 2019 launch. And to everyone who has assisted me until today–I kindly ask for your ongoing support.

Hajime Tabata is the main man behind Final Fantasy 15. Final Fanstasy was released back in November 2016 and then later three DLC packs were also released for the game. The game’s ending was also revised after fans complained about it. This was all done under Hajime Tabata.

Hajime resigned from Square Enix in October 2018 when he announced his decision in the live stream of Final Fantasy XV- Special Program. During this stream, Hajime not only announced his resignation but also the cancellation of all further Final Fantasy 15’s future DLC. He was to be made the head of the new studio Luminous but he resigned from that as well.

The announcement of a new studio by Hajime Tabata sounds very promising and since he has some stellar titles under his belt, we can assume that his own gaming studio is going to give us titles similar to his previous work. Further details about the official launch of JP Games will be announced later.

Currently, we only know that JP Games will be officially launched in January 2019. We all wish Hajime Tabata best of luck for his future venture and cannot wait to hear about his next game!

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