Mobile RPG Guardian Tales Set to Launch in More European Countries

Guardian Tales Launch

Kakao Games has announced that they have expanded their new mobile RPG Guardian Tales to other territories, while a worldwide launch is planned for this summer. The new territories include Argentina, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and New Zealand.

The game is slowly making its way for a worldwide launch, after being released in Canada last April. The developers have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback ever since, and numerous updates have been made to make the game better.

CEO of Kakao Games, Min Kim had this to say about the recent reception of the game:

We are thrilled to see Canadian players enjoying Guardian Tales this much. We truly want to thank Guardian Tales fans and the community for playing and providing the feedback we need in order to keep improving the game. So far, from what we’ve seen during the soft launch, we are very excited about the global launch this summer.

Kakao Games has yet to announce the exact date of the worldwide launch of Guardian Tales. However, to facilitate the user in the new territories, servers have been set up in Europe, Latin America, and Oceania.

Guardian Tales is a pixel art, top-down, action-adventure game in which players dive into dungeons as part of an epic quest. But since it is dangerous to go alone, players can also collect various helpers to assist them in combat. Using charming pixel art graphics and challenging players through complex puzzles and challenging boss fights, Guardian Tales will also see players explore a wide range of different worlds that pay homage to the rich history of video games that inspired the developers to create the game.

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