GTA Online will be Standalone on PS5 for First Three Months Only

GTA Online PS5

While fans were looking forward to a GTA 6 announcement during the recent PlayStation 5 reveal event, Rockstar Games, on the other hand, had other plans. Instead of revealing a brand new game for the next-gen console, Rockstar ruined everyone’s mood by announcing that GTA V along with Online will be coming to PS5 as well as an ‘expanded and enhanced’ version. Fans are not happy and you can see that by the number of dislikes on the announcement trailer we have linked in our article below.

While Rockstar did not share any details about what this ‘enhanced and expanded’ means, the developer did share some extra details about the bonuses it has in stores for all PS4 players who are currently playing the game’s online mode. While the singleplayer remains ignored, GTA Online players on PS4 will receive 1M GTA dollars every month until the release of the game on the next-gen console next year. It will take at least 72 hours for the money to appear in your account.

Rockstar has also announced that as an added bonus, the PS5 version of GTA V and GTA Online will be separate and players looking to jumping in GTA Online on PS5 can do so without actually purchasing GTA V. All they will need is an online connection and a PlayStation Plus membership and they will be all set for playing the online mode of the game without purchasing the game. However, this offer will be valid only for the first three months.

This means that you must have a PS5, an active PlayStation Plus membership during the first three months of the game’s release on PS5 to add GTA Online to your account as a standalone game. Miss the first three-month window and you will be required to purchase GTA V on PS5 to get access to GTA Online. We are sure that all PS4 players moving to PS5 will also get some bonuses in GTA Online on PS5 however further details will be shared later.

Are you looking forward to playing GTA V again on PS5? Were you expecting a new GTA game announcement during the event as well? Let us know in the comments section below.

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