GTA Online Adds New Garage For Showcasing Up to 50 Cars in Latest Update

GTA Online Garage

Rockstar Games released GTA 5 back in 2013 and its online mode, GTA Online is still one of the most popular games that players are playing these days. Despite its age, Rockstar Games is releasing new updates for the mode even today which is adding new cars, weapons, jobs, and a lot more content to the game. The latest update for GTA Online has arrived and it brings with it a massive garage that can hold up to 50 cars. This massive garage spans 5 floors and you can customize each floor with its own unique ambiance and theme.

What is even better is that if you are a GTA+ member, you can add this iconic Eclipse Boulevard Garage for free and start customizing it. The garage customization is not free and all floors will need GTA cash to customize it however you can add the garage to your list of properties for free and start bringing your collection of vehicles to it to show off to your friends and other people. The Eclipse Boulevard Garage can only be claimed for free by GTA+ members until March 15, 2023, and after this date, even they will need to dish out in-game cash to add it to their collection.

Each floor of the garage features its own hangout space, complete with seating, drinks, TV, and surveillance to keep an eye on the world outside the garage. There are different distinct decoration options and styles that can be previewed, changed, and applied to each of these individual floors from the Eclipse Boulevard section of the Interaction Menu while you are inside the garage. The garage listing is now live on Dynasty 8 from where you can purchase it.

GTA Online Garage

For a limited time, GTA Online players can also purchase the new Toundra Panthere Sports car from Legendary Motorsport and at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom. It can only be purchased until February 22, 2023, and GTA+ members will also receive the Emperor Vectre Sports car for free this month. It will also include the Mambas 24 and Sword Boy liveries. Apart from this, GTA+ Online members will also get 50% on all vehicle upgrades at Benny’s Original Motor Works, Gun Van bonuses, free weapon tints, free Downtown Cab Co. Services, 50% off on all Acid Lab Supplies, 3x GTA $ and RP on Ron Contact Missions until March 15, and 2x GTA $ and RP on all Land Races.

If you are looking for additional ways to make some money, the Los Santos Drug Wars scene has also been escalated. Street Dealers and Stash Houses are increasing all over the map while G’s Caches containing dead drops are being left in different public areas. You can avail of these opportunities to nab some extra money while you can. The Stash Houses will appear daily in random locations on your map, and you can raid them and kill all enemies in them to loot GTA $ or product.

If while roaming on the map, you hear a beep and a red flashing light, it means that a G’s Cache is near your location, and you can find it and get some quick items or money after eliminating all competition around you. If you are looking to sell some product, you can check out the different Street Dealers all around Los Santos who will be offering a special premium on a specific product so you can sell them that particular product to get a special price.

If you do not feel like robbing shops, you can stop shop robbers and take them out for getting 2x GTA $ and RP until February 22. The complete list of bonuses and details of the latest GTA Online update is now available on the official blog post at Rockstar Games. Make sure to check out the following guides for making your GTA Online and GTA 5 experience easier.


Are you looking forward to jumping back into GTA Online to try out the new additions to the game including the 50-car garage? Let us know in the comments section below.

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