GTA Online Casino DLC Unavailable in More Than 50 Countries

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It looks like the newly released Diamond Casino and Resort DLC that was released in GTA Online is banned and unavailable to players in certain countries. Many players have been reporting that the DLC is not accessible to players in countries that have strict gambling laws.

Players have reported that the Diamond Casino and Resort is unavailable as a message appears on the screen saying “This feature is not available for you.”

A list of countries where the DLC is banned has appeared on Reddit. The list outlines the list of countries where all the players have been reporting the inaccessibility of the Casino DLC. Other user accounts report that they were unable to purchase them in-game virtual chips for the casino. The countries include many European countries along with China and North Korea as well, where gambling is illegal.

Other players from countries like Peru, Argentina, Vietnam, and Iceland say that they can purchase the penthouse but cannot participate in any of the gambling activities or card games that the casino offers.

Rockstar Games would have been well aware of the concern of loot boxes and gambling issues that have been raised over the past few months. The developer may have made the DLC content unavailable in countries where they could have faced some backlash or conflict.

This has started a debate over at Reddit where discussion about the casino being banned is on the high. Some users argue that while the casino only features virtual gambling, loot boxes are still allowed when they are effectively the same thing.

A Reddit user also commented on the issue saying,

How is it gambling when you can’t cash out GTA $$$ or transfer to other users? They are only for buying useless chrome cars. If that’s forbidden, lootboxes are too. And all luck-based drops ever.

If you are also unable to play the Casino DLC, some Reddit users have said that working around with a VPN can solve your problem, and can let you play. However, this may be a temporary solution and can risk being banned by Rockstar Games.

What do you think of the Casino DLC that is unavailable in many countries? Do you think if should be allowed? Or are Rockstar Games playing it safe? Post your comments below.

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