GTA Online Arena Update Brings Mad Max Style Demolition to Game

GTA Online Arena

GTA Online Arena update is released now and it features tons of new content and another reason to resume playing GTA Online. GTA Online released back in 2013 and till today it feels more relevant than ever. Rockstar is currently busy with Red Dead Online and we hope that they will deliver the same class of experience like they have continued with GTA Online.

GTA Online Arena update adds a total of 9 new game modes and 12 new vehicles to play in online multiplayer. There will be Arena points which will allow you to rank up and unlock more toys to play with in the Arena. In case you missed the trailer, watch here.

Seven New Modes in GTA Online Arena Update

  • Carnage (Vehicle deathmatch)
  • Flag War (Capture the flag)
  • Wreck It (Racing mode full of traps)
  • Tag Team (Tag in and out of the fight with another player)
  • Games Masters (one team hits checkpoints while their opponents control hazards to stop them)
  • Here Come the Monsters (survival mode against an opposing team of monster trucks)
  • Hot Bomb (Pass the bomb by crashing into other players)

12 New Vehicles in GTA Online Arena Update

  • Cerberus
  •  Brutus
  • Scarab
  • Imperator
  • ZR380
  • Sasquatch
  • Bruiser
  • Arena Slamvan
  • Arena Dominator
  • Arena Issi
  • Impaler
  • Deathbike

GTA Online Arena update looks more like a Mad Max concept, except all of the demolition derby is happening inside an arena. According to statement from Rockstar, players will embark on a new career which will be closely tied with Maze Bank. The update brings an Arena Workshop, where you can customize all these 12 new vehicles.

It has been more than 5 years that GTA Online has released and it still continues to amaze the players across the globe. With every free update Rockstar Games releases for GTA Online, players return back and play the game as if they have never played it before.

Are you still playing GTA Online? Are you excited about GTA Online Arena? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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