GT Sport Producer Kazunori Yamauchi has No Intention of Stopping Free Updates

GT Sport Producer

Producer GT Sport has said that he has no intention of stopping the free content updates that have been dropping in every month since its release in 2017. Kazunori Yamauchi has commented on the free update trend and stated what the future holds for the game with the updates.

In an interview to GT Planet, Yamauchi has that the developing studio will continue the trend giving out free updates that contain cars, new tracks and GT League Events.

Yes, we have no intention of stopping those updates and additional content for the game.

I think nowadays we are no longer in the era where you hold on to the new cars and tracks that you create for the next title, and you save it all for your release. I don’t think we work that way any more. Now it is sort of like being on Spotify or the iTunes Store; I think it is more natural to have new additional cars and tracks added to the store as they are ready to go.

The updates have continued to come out almost every month since its release in 2017. The updates have added many new tracks, several new cars ranging from new and old cars, and many GT League events, which is custom race mode that allows you to play with AI drivers.

Last month, an additional update for the month of March saw the inclusion of the new Dallara SF19 Super Formula cars, while a previous update in the same month brought in 5 new cars, a new Japanese track among other content. The 5 new cars released were the  1989 Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA Special Package), 1995 McLaren F1 GTR – BMW (Kokusai Kaihatsu UK Racing), 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, 2013 Pagani Huayra, and 2019 Toyota GR Supra RZ.

The confirmation makes the future of Gran Turismo Sport look very interesting, especially considering that new content is getting better by each day, and that any new additional content will always keep the fans hooked.

What do you think of the free content updates in Gran Turismo Sport? Have you tried any of the cars added in the March update? Let us know in the comments below.

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