GRID Autosport to Have Multiple Control Styles on Switch

GRID Autosport Multiplayer

Codemasters and Feral Interactive have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming GRID Autosport on Nintendo Switch which shows different control styles for the game. The brand new trailer is called Freedom of Control and it shows different methods by which the players will be able to play GRID Autosport when it comes out on the console.

The game features six unique control schemes on Nintendo Switch which will allow players to pick any one of them. Players can pick their favorite way to race on Nintendo Switch which suits their playing style. Each mode will offer a unique experience to the players.

According to the official press release, GRID Autosport will feature the following six unique control styles to choose from.

  • Classic Buttons — Steer, accelerate and brake with buttons.
  • Classic Combo — Steer with an analogue stick. Accelerate and brake with buttons.
  • Classic Analogue — Steer, accelerate and brake with analogue sticks.
  • Tilt Steer — Tilt your console to steer. Accelerate and brake with analogue sticks.
  • Mirrored Mode — Left-handed players can flip the default controls.
  • Custom — Map any control to any button, analogue stick or gyroscopic motion control.

As you can see from the options above that GRID Autosport will let players choose their favorite controller scheme and play the game however they want. The game offers control with buttons, analogue sticks and even using the gyroscope of the console.

The Custom option will allow the most freedom to players as they can assign a custom command to any button, analogue stick or the gyroscopic motion control sensor to make the game experience their own. You can check out the new trailer below which shows all the different control schemes as well.

A confirmed release date for GRID Autosport is not known at this point. However, the developers have announced the game will be released in Summer 2019 and since it is almost here, we can expect the release date announcement coming soon as well.

Which control style are you going to play GRID Autosport with when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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