Green Hell is Getting Co-Op Story Mode, PvE and More

Green Hell Building Update

Green Hell recently received its co-op update which really boosted the title to the top of Steam sales and Twitch charts. Creepy Jar has now announced that it is releasing further content revolving around the co-op story mode which will also add PvE mode to Green Hell. The developer has also announced that Green Hell is heading to consoles in 2020 as well. Originally released on PC back in 2019, console players will now finally be able to jump in the title and explore Creepy Jar’s brilliant game.

Green Hell Co-op Story Mode

Creepy Jar has released a new and updated roadmap for its Amazon rainforest survival title which reveals plenty of content arriving in Green Hell soon. Of course highlights of this update include a co-op story mode, PvE mode, and console release. The following content will arrive in Green Hell in future patches:

  • Co-op Story Mode – Survive Together while experiencing the previously released Story Mode.
  • New Constructions – Build new stands in your camp using bamboo logs, sticks, leaves, stones, and more.
  • Achievements – Get ready achievement chasers! Achievements will be added to Green Hell!
  • PVE Mode – Survive Alone… but together in an all-new PVE mode! More details to come!
  • Console Editions – Creepy Jar is renewing their commitment to seeing Green Hell on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Check out the new Green Hell Co-op trailer below:

Previously, Creepy Jar released the co-op mode and one of the most fan-desired requests was the co-op mode for the main story and now this mode is arriving in a patch soon. If you are just starting with Green Hell, make sure that you check out some of our Green Hell Guides below which will make your life a lot easier in the Amazon Rainforest.

Are you looking forward to jumping in Green Hell now or will you wait until the game receives its Co-op Story mode update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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