GreedFall Story Trailer Released, Shows Its Ever-Evolving World of Ancient Magic

The E3 2019 story trailer for GreedFall has just been released right before the event actually starts next week. The trailer provides us a brief look into the word of magic and lost secrets that players will be able to explore with its single-player open world experience.

The game is developed by Spiders Studio and is set in the 17th century that is inspired by the European Baroque art. The story trailer shows the player on a remote island that is full of superstitious, tribal people who seem to wield a form of magic. You are a new settler in this island that is seeking a cure for the disease on this magical island.

Your gameplay will focus on managing the growing tensions between the settlers and the locals who are protected by the land’s strange magical beings. The world will revolve around the choices that you make. This can be from completing simple tasks to taking political decisions. This will leave you with plenty of freedom and choice as you progress through quests with various paths.

The trailer also shows that players can decide on how to reach your objectives. Players can either choose combat, diplomacy or deception to complete a quest. This is where a player’s decision will matter a lot and will influence the course of their story.

The game looks quite interesting and would definitely be worth giving a try. GreedFall releases sometime in September of 2019. The game would be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A release date and pricing has not been confirmed as of yet, however, we expect a confirmation next week at E3 2019.

What do you think of the story trailer of GreedFall? Post your comments below and let us know if you are interested in getting the game.

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