GOTY Nominated Horror Bar VR Announced for Meta Quest Release

Developer VR Factory has announced that their VR Game of the Year nominated title Horror Bar VR is coming to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest at the end of the first half of 2023. Horror Bar VR is an engaging family-friendly zombie bar simulator designed to immerse players into the role of a bar boss where you will face various obstacles and serve craving zombies in order to progress and thrive.

In Horror Bar VR, you will create different recipes by using standard and some improvised ingredients like a just-sliced nose or ear and later serve the burger with a bloody drink filled with frozen eyeballs. In Horror Bar VR, you are not running a normal bar since you will be serving hordes of thirsty and hungry zombies who are out to eat monstrous dishes and terrifying drinks. Sometimes you will also need to fight against the customers attacking you and earn tips to buy unique items and upgrade your bar with them.

Horror Bar VR Meta Quest

You will learn new recipes and master different activities to progress in the game. The game offers a free mode and a practice mode where you can learn how to play the game and then jump into the 33-mission main campaign of the game. Once you complete a level, you can move to the next mission of the campaign and as you progress in the game, the recipes and the gameplay become more and more challenging. You will also unlock new equipment which will grant more mechanics to you.

A confirmed release date for Horror Bar VR is not announced yet for its Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest release. Apart from it, the game is already available on Steam, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, VivePort, and Pico. Additional details about Horror Bar VR’s Meta Quest release will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. You can also check out the official website of the game for further information.

What are your thoughts on Horror Bar VR coming to Meta Quest? Will you be playing the game on its new platform? Let us know in the comments section below.

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