Gord: The Alliance DLC Launches, Introducing New Content to the Dark Fantasy Strategy Game

Gord: The Alliance

Covenant.dev and Team17 Digital have announced the launch of ‘The Alliance’ DLC for the dark fantasy strategy game Gord on PC. Priced at $11.99, ‘The Alliance’ expansion introduces a plethora of new content to Gord’s brutal primordial world, offering players an enhanced gaming experience.

Check out the DLC launch trailer below:

The new DLC brings a wealth of additions to Gord, including:

  • New Campaign: Dive into a fresh storyline with a new campaign that promises thrilling adventures and challenges.
  • New Monsters: Encounter three new menacing monsters, each with unique abilities and traits.
  • New Horrors: Face off against three additional horrors that lurk in the shadows, ready to test your courage and skill.
  • New NPCs: Interact with new non-player characters who will aid or hinder your journey through Gord’s treacherous landscapes.
  • New Humanoid Enemies: Battle against three new types of humanoid enemies, each presenting its own tactical challenges.
  • New Biomes: Explore two new biome environments, each offering distinct atmospheres and obstacles to overcome.
  • Multi-Stage Final Battle: Prepare for an epic showdown with a multi-stage final battle that will push your strategic prowess to its limits.
  • Beast Taming: Gain the ability to tame certain beasts and monsters, adding a new layer of depth to your gameplay experience.

Developed by a team that includes former Frostpunk and The Witcher 3 developers, Gord is a single-player dark fantasy strategy game where survival and conquest go hand in hand. Players must lead the Tribe of the Dawn, navigating through perilous quests and managing the well-being of their populace to ensure the tribe’s survival in a harsh and unforgiving world.

For more information on ‘The Alliance’ DLC and all things Gord, interested players are encouraged to visit the Steam store page.

Key Features of Gord:

  • Mature Dark Fantasy Adventure: Immerse yourself in a lore-rich dark fantasy world as you lead the Tribe of the Dawn through challenging strategic campaigns.
  • Build and Conquer: Expand your settlement into a formidable fortress while fending off threats from rival tribes, monstrous creatures, and supernatural forces.
  • Unique Sanity System: Monitor the well-being of your townsfolk, as their mental and emotional states can have profound effects on their lives and your tribe’s fate.
  • Hand-Crafted Quests: Embark on a variety of quests and encounters that will test your skills and lead you to uncover ancient secrets and mythical creatures.
  • Powerful Spells: Unlock and unleash a range of offensive and defensive spells to gain the upper hand in combat.
  • Custom Scenarios Mode: Create and customize your own scenarios, offering endless replayability and challenges tailored to your preferences.

Gord: The Alliance

Gord continues to evolve with ‘The Alliance’ DLC, offering players new adventures and challenges in its immersive dark fantasy world. Make sure to check out the BTS video released for Gord earlier as well. You can dive into Gord right now on Steam with a massive 50% discount.

What are your thoughts on the launch of Gord: The Alliance DLC and will you be jumping back into the game to try it out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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