Godfall Gameplay will Feature Fast-Paced Epic Melee Combat


Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing recently announced their fast-paced melee combat game Godfall that will launch this holiday season on the PlayStation 5. The game was announced at the Sony PS5 console event that came with various other game announcements.

The trailer of the game gave us a brief look into the world of Aperion, its weapon classes, and Valorplates. Not to forget its fast-paced melee combat that is the main combat mechanic of Godfall.

Check out the trailer below:

In a blog post by Keith Lee, the CEO of Counterplay Games, the developer talks about the official PS5 console title.

Today has been an exciting day for the whole team at Counterplay Games. We have been hard at work on our upcoming PlayStation 5 title, Godfall, and are ecstatic to have everyone see the first official PS5 gameplay at The Future of Gaming digital event.

We have a lot more to show and talk about with Godfall, so keep your eyes open in the upcoming days to learn more about Valorplates, weapon classes, and more. We’re still hard at work and can’t wait for players to experience Godfall when it makes its console debut on PS5 and launches on PC this holiday season.

The blog post also talks about some details of the game, talking about Aperion, a place where the game is based. The place is on the precipice of ruin, and you are one of the last Valorian knights. These knights are god-like warriors that are able to equip and wear legendary armor sets called Valorplates. These transform the wielders into unstoppable masters of melee combat.

The fantastic combat mechanic will allow you to tear through enemies, and climbing through some of the elemental realms to challenge the mad-god Macros, waiting for you at the top. The game will contain five weapon classes that you will have to master, and it has various Valorplates that you will have to unlock as you progress. Player progression is also based on skills that can be learned, and the game can be played solo or with friends in a three-play PvE online co-op play.

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