PlayStation 5 GodFall Box Art Cover Revealed and it is Beautiful


It seems as though more PlayStation 5 box art covers have started showing up, and this time the developers of Godfall have just revealed the box art for the PlayStation 5 game. Just yesterday, Sony revealed the box art cover for Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game for the PlayStation 5.

The stunning artwork features three knight looking characters with their beautiful armor and weapons. We can also see a large sword coming down from the sky in a tornado, which might be a big part of the game. In all honesty, the cover instantly reminded me of The Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment, where the art was filled with dynamic colors and different objects.

Although the cover is quite beautiful, the white PS5 label looks somewhat out of place. However, there is nothing the game developers and publisher can do about it, since this is how all the PlayStation 5 cases will look like. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the white label as it takes away from the art.

The Spider-Man Miles Morales box art is another disk case we saw yesterday, which was officially revealed by Sony on its blogpost. This was the first look we got to the physical disk covers of the next-gen consoles. The cover art is mostly black, with the same blue plastic case and the white label. The cover art is not so bad, to be honest, but a black plastic cover might have looked even better. But these are just opinions, I’m sure we will grow on the disk cases over time and be more excited to play the games in the first place.

What do you think of the PlayStation 5 Godfall box art cover? Post your comments below.

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