God Eater 3 PlayStation 4 Revised Demo To Launch this November in Japan

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God Eater 3 is set for its release on December 13, 2018 for PlayStation 4 console and Microsoft Windows. Bandai Namco will release a revised demo on PlayStation Japan region this November 29. The demo will be titled as God Eater 3 Action Demo: Revised.

The demo will be available only on PlayStation Store Japan region. The revised demo will include improvements. These improvements are part of a demo announced previously where fans get to play it and reported certain in-game features that were glitchy or buggy. The revised demo will be improved version of previously announced God Eater 3 demo.

The revised demo includes protagonist character creation, single-player and multiplayer Subjugation Missions (Anubis, Havakiri, and Barbarius), and an eight-player Assault Mission.

The previous demo was available for limited time only. Bandai Namco has not mentioned any limited timed availability of revised demo as of yet. However, the game is releasing in second week of December, we speculate the demo will be playable till then.

Here are the improvements based on player feedback that will be part of revised demo.

Basic Actions

Improved the operation of ground steps: After attacking, you can now step in eight directions.

You can now perform a turn-step more quickly. In the demo, the turn motion before switching to a step action would temporarily get stuck, but in the full version, the turn motion immediately cancels and switches to the step action. Also, the full version allows for stepping in eight directions after an attack rather than the demo’s four directions.

Braking distance from movement reduced: Distance moved before stopping shortened.

Distance traveled forward when stopping movement (normal movement and dashes) has been shortened.

Turning movement range significantly reduced.

In the demo, when turning in the same spot, the character moved two or three steps in the direction of the turn, but in the full version, the amount of movement has been significantly reduced.

Playability Improvements

Camera corrective action adjusted so that the inertia-like movement quickly ends.

The God Eater 3 camera has a corrective function that “broadens the view to the direction the player is facing,” but in the demo, there were complaints that this correction “did not allow free use of the camera.” So in order to enable the coexistence of “ensuring the necessary view” and “camera control,” the corrective action has been adjusted to a minimum.

“Reduced Display” added to Engage cut-in options: In addition to on and off, you can now choose to make the cut-in smaller.

There are two options in the Engage cut-in options—“On” and “Off”—but after exhibiting the multiplayer demo at Tokyo Game Show 2018, we received feedback that “[the Engage cut-in] normally covers the whole screen, but [the screen] looks empty when turned off,” so we added a “Reduced Display” option.

Improved the visibility of attack effectiveness: Now you can easier tell the difference between damage types.

In God Eater 3, attack effectiveness is displayed through “effects” and “damage number colors,” but we received feedback that “effectiveness was too difficult to understand” in the demo, so we have revised the “high” effectiveness number color to be fully orange rather than temporarily orange. Low and standard effectiveness are still grey and black, respectively.

Successful Just Guard effect revised so that visibility is greater.

We received feedback that “the successful Just Guard effect is too difficult to see,” so we have added an extra effect. This game’s Just Guard, as a means to counterattack against an Ashland Aragami’s devour attack, is an incredibly important technique.

Changed the chat window display button during multiplayer.

In the demo, the chat window was displayed by pressing the L3 button, but since some players might accidentally press the L3 button during an intense battle, the chat window is now brought up with two presses of the L3 button.

Unique Actions

Extended the possible input time for attack action combos.

We received feedback like, “I was going to perform a combo, but the combo was interrupted” from the demo, so we carefully examined each attack action’s possible time for combo inputs, including Burst Arts, and adjusted the actions of those that we determined needed an extension.

First, take a look at the video.

You can now perform so-called Delay Combos. The combo input has a considerably more pleasant feeling to it.

Added the ability to trigger a dive and aerial jump through cancellation during a “Backflip.”

During the Charge Spear’s unique “Backflip” action, you can now activate a dive and aerial jump (only during a Burst) through a cancellation. Thanks to the synergy between the new “Dive” element and the Backflip, more acrobatic fights are now a possibility.

Added the ability to trigger a dive through cancellation during a “Rush Fire.”

During the Shotgun’s unique “Rush Fire” action, you can now activate a dive through a cancellation. Thanks to this, battles with momentary reactions are now a possibility, such as switching from a Rush Fire in response to the enemy’s movements to a dive to get closer.

Added the ability to trigger a jump, step, and dive through cancellation during a “Drawback Shot.”

During the Assault Gun’s unique “Drawback Shot” action, you can now activate a jump, step, and dive through a cancellation. Thanks to this, dynamic battles are now a possibility, such as making a big retreat via a Drawback Shot and then diving forward to quickly approach the enemy.

The short blade’s “Rising Edge” has been changed to a multi-stage technique, and a window of invincibility has been added to the aerial step.

The short blade has been improved. We received feedback that “the short blade’s abilities feel (relatively) weak,” so it has been examined during development and two changes have been made in this area. Rising Edge has become a multi-stage hit, making it easier to gain the upper-hand in the air. The first movement of the Aerial Step has added an invincibly period, making it possible to avoid an attack by stepping.

Buster Blade Triangle combo has been revised.

The Triangle combo of the Buster Blade has been changed as follows:

  • Revised the latter-half motion of the Triangle combo’s second stage, and added an extra hit
  • Slightly increased the motion speed of the Triangle combo’s final stage

God Eater 3 is due out for PlayStation 4 on December 13, 2018 and PC on February 8, 2019 in Japan, and for PlayStation 4 and PC on February 8, 2019 in the Americas and Europe.

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