God Eater 3 Gameplay Demo Revealed at TGS 2018

God Eater 3

Announced several years ago, God Eater 3 is the third game in Bandai Namco’s God Eater franchise. It received a new gameplay demo during the ongoing Tokyo Game Show 2018 and it looks amazing.

Check out the gameplay demo below courtesy of V-Jump.

Another video was released apart from the gameplay footage, which shows how much the game has improved since last time the game was showcased at the Development Summit event. Major changes to the game include changes to how stamina mechanic works more camera angles and different battle adjustments. Double Jumps have also been implemented in the game now.

By looking at the trailer above, we can also see some of the weapons that are present in the game. These include Heavy Moon, Assault Gun, Shotgun, Ray Gun, Short Blade, Long Blade, Buster Blade, Boost Hammer, Biting Edge, Heavy Moon, Charge Spear and Variant Scythe. In addition, the ability to perform directional attacks has also been added to the game.

Earlier the developers also shared some information about the game’s characters and main story of the game. The new character revealed was Lulu Baran. The official statement about Lulu was

Lulu Baran as an AGE (Adaptive God Eater), a powerful new type of warrior in the fight against the Aragami. During the game, she crosses paths with the protagonists in the Ashlands. Sent on impossible missions ever since she was a child. She’s a loner, however, in combat she can overwhelm enemies easily with her high mobility, a result of being a test subject of the GOD EATER combat assisting system ‘Acceleration Triggers’ at Port Baran.

A new location was also revealed by the name of Port Baran. Check out the official notes on the location.

Port Baran is one of the new locations in GOD EATER 3. The large port’s industry and economy are flourishing while various development facilities in the area focus on researching the Ashlands and AGEs.

Developers also revealed a new Aragami type called False Idol. The developers had this to say on it.

Another announcement is the new Aragami type False Idol from the Ashlands. It hovers in the air while switching between two separate forms to boost either its defense or attack. Its entire body is covered by an almost impenetrable shield, that’s requires a coordinated strategy to defeat it.

The PS4 version of God Eater 3 is launching on December 13 in Japan. The PC version and the western PS4 version of God Eater 3 will be released later in early 2019.

Let us know about your thoughts on the new gameplay demo revealed by Bandai Namco of God Eater 3.

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