Go-Go Town Co-Op Mode Detailed with Playtest Coming Next Year

Go-Go Town Co-Op

Developer Prideful Sloth and publisher CULT Games have detailed the co-op update for their charming, open-world sandbox game called Go-Go Town. Go-Go Town combines open-world sandbox gameplay with life-sim gameplay, and it is about to get a co-op update next year which will allow players to jump into the game with their friends. Before its official launch, the co-op mode playtest will arrive next week which will allow select players to try out the feature before its official release.

Check out the latest trailer for the new Co-Op Mode update for Go-Go Town shared at Wholesome Snack:

In Go-Go Town, you will try your best to restore the formal glory of this once-bustling tourist town. Go-Go Town used to be a hub for tourism and culture but now it lies in shambles and after arriving here, you decide to do something about it and somehow manage to become the mayor of the town. You and your friends will need to do everything in your ability to make Go-Go Town as good as possible. During the playtest, you can expect to see:

  • Creating and managing a thriving town – balancing townie happiness, commerce, transport, and construction!
  • Building and constructing from scratch – from taking charge with a chainsaw to diving into the depths of the local quarry with a drill, it’ll be up to you and your friends to collect the materials to build the world as you see fit.
  • Constructing a bustling hub of shiny shop boutiques, and hiring your favorite townies to run them!
  • Managing your profits – How will your shops generate income? What will they sell? How will you ensure that your supply chains stay intact? All decisions come down to you, Mayor!
  • Transporting yourself (& your materials) in style – Pushing the various transport options to their very limit – hang on to your hard hat as you careen over the land in your go-kart or master the ollie on your skateboard.
  • Growing your community spirit – Convincing your eager tourists to become a part of your townsfolk!

Go-Go Town Co-Op

The development team at Prideful Sloth is led by a former Activision producer and Rocksteady Technical Artist and Engineer. They are bringing a world of their imagination to players with their latest release. Key features of the game include:

  • Various incredible establishments to create (from flashy, premium dance clubs, to vibrant neon arcades)
  • Even more ways to earn your keep (mining, fishing, and raising very adorable livestock!)
  • Automating all your town’s processes (hiring shopkeepers, artisans, and hot dog sellers),
  • Transforming your town via terraforming, and creating roads for your various vehicles
  • Continuously expanding, upgrading, and evolving your town!

Playtest signups are open now and if you are willing to try it out next year, you can do so by heading over to the form and submitting it with your details. The playtest is scheduled for February 2024 and if you are selected, you will be notified in advance. Go-Go Town is currently in development for its PC release and a free demo is currently available on PC via Steam that gives you a small taste of the game ahead of its launch.

What are your thoughts on the co-op mode announcement for Go-Go Town? Would you be interested in playing it in co-op mode? Let us know in the comments section below.

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