Get Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Completely For Free – Limited Time Event Only

Battlefield 1 released October 21, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Origin platform. The premium pass of the game was available from day one with DLCs launching at later stages. Since Battlefield V is near to its release date, EA and DICE are all hands out to get maximum number of players for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield V Xbox One Version Pre-load Available, PC Version To Start Next Month

In latest move, the premium pass of Battlefield 1 is available for free. The premium pass is free across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Origin platform. The premium pass has appeared free on PC Origin and Xbox Games Store platform for now. Keep checking PlayStation Store till it gets free there.

The premium pass will give you access to all the DLCs released so far in Battlefield 1. A total of four digital expansions are in premium pass. The offer is pretty much solid, do not miss out.

Here is more content to expect from Battlefield 1 Premium Pass:

  • New factions such as France and Russia
  • New Elite classes
  • More multiplayer maps from Eastern and Northern Europe
  • New weapons
  • More Operations
  • Prototype vehicles
  • New game modes

They Shall Not Pass 1st DLC

The first Battlefield 1 DLC; They Shall Not Pass, launched March 2017. The DLC has four new maps (Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons, Rupture). French army faction is introduced for the first time to the game in this DLC. The downloadable content also brought new guns, tanks, classes and more. Here are more features that They Shall Not Pass DLC has:

  • Steel Behemoth (Char 2C tank)
  • Assault Tank Gun (St. Chamond)
  • Trench Raider Elite Class
  • Siege Howitzer (Stationary weapon)
  • Scrap Exchange feature
  • New puzzle melee items
  • Unlockable French weapons with new skins

In the name of Tsar 2nd DLC

  • 6 x new maps including: Lupkow Pass, Albion, Galacia, Brusilov Keep
  • Double barreled shotgun
  • Spear melee weapon
  • Mosin bolt-action rifle
  • New vehicles: Ilya-Muromets Heavy Bomber, Putilov-Garford Heavy Armored Car, Y-Lighter Landing Craft
  • New game mode: Supply Drop
  • Coastal gun batteries
  • New Operations e.g. Brusilov Offensive

Turning Tides 3rd DLC

  • 2 x maps (Achi Baba and Cape Helles)
  • Gallipoli (Operation)
  • 6 x guns (M1917 Trench Carbine, Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16, Farquhar-Hill, M1917 MG, Carcano M91 Carbine, and Type 38 Arisaka)
  • 2 x melee weapons (Naval Cutlass and Grappling Hook)
  • L-Class Destroyer (ship)
  • C-Class Airship (airship)
  • New Elite class (Infiltrator)
  • 2 x maps (Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge)
  • New faction (Royal Marines)

Apocalypse 4th DLC

  • Three new maps: Somme, Caporetto, and Passchendaele.
  • New mode: Air Assault
  • New gadgets including the AA rocket gun
  • Two new bombers: Hansa Brandenburg GI and the Airco DH10
  • New melee weapons including meat cleaver and prybar
  • Six new guns including the RSC SMG

Have you already bought the premium pass? share you experience with us then and if you have not bought the premium pass, now it the time to get it for free.



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