The Witcher’s Geralt All Set to Arrive in Monster Hunter World for PC in May

Geralt Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World PC players will finally be able to play as Geralt from The Witcher series in the Monster Hunter World/The Witcher crossover event. Geralt is set to arrive on 9 May when the event goes live for PC players along with a new patch.

In the crossover event, Geralt will have new mysteries to solve and gear to craft. Players will be able to craft the Geralt full set of armor, and the Witcher Silver Sword during the live event.

Geralt comes fully voiced, branching story missions where you get to play as the favorite Wither protagonist, along with a new monster from that world. There is also a trio of big perks that you can grind for. Dedicated hunters can permanently unlock Geralt, Ciri and Nekkers to fight.

Geralt will fight Leshen, a woodland spirit from his own universe. Though once the quest is over, anyone can pick a fight with it. While it cant summon wolves like it could back home, in this crossover, Leshen can call on Jagras and crows to attack you, and control plants as well.

When you are done beating up the regular Leshen, you can go for the Ancient Leshen who is a powerful variant. You need to get used to beating both of these versions of LEshen if you want to unlock Geralt, Ciri, plus their weapons and Nekker.

The character unlocks are crafted as suits of special armor, but when you fully equip them, your regular hunter is replace by the guest character, along with their abilities. Geralt comes with his use of Igni magic that slowly regenerates his health. Ciri comes with buffs to evasion, and some new Demon Mode dash effects.

Once you’ve cleared this Special Assignment and crafted your shiny new gear, start prepping for the second part of this collaboration: an even tougher challenge with even more rewards! The limited time (starting May 17th) Event Quest “Contract: Woodland Spirit” will be set for HR50+ hunters, but this time it’ll be open to multiplayer, so get your squad ready and take on this ancient threat. Rewards include the Ciri α full armor set and a matching set of Dual Blades. Good luck, hunters!

As with the previous crossover like the Final Fantasy XIV, the Witcher update is permanent free DLC instead of a time event, so you will not have to rush in this event. However, you do need to have finished the main story of the game to unlock the crossover event.

What do you think of seen Geralt in Monster Hunter World as playable character? Let us know in the comments below.

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