G2A Launches Gaming Champion Awards, Inspired by Boy Who Saved His Sister from a Moose Attack

Gaming Champion Awards

New gaming awards have been launched by G2A called the Gaming Champion Awards, which are inspired by a true story of a World of Warcraft player who saved his sister from a moose attack. The Gaming Champion Awards will celebrate the achievements and contributions of video game enthusiasts from around the world.

There is no denying that gaming is more than just for personal pleasure as it can also teach bravery, quick thinking, and teamwork skills that develop through play. However, putting these skills into real-life scenarios is where you truly have to recognize the effort and commend. Gaming Champions Awards is going to do exactly that by giving recognition to those that deserve it.

Gaming Champion Awards

Inspired by a young boy who used his gaming experience from World of Warcraft to save his sister from a moose attack is the first one worth noting, though more winners will be announced in the coming months. Back in 2007, the then 12-year-old Hans and his 10-year-old sister got attacked by a wild moose while on their way to school. Hans’ quick thinking and gaming knowledge saved their lives that day. His actions and what inspired them are explained in a new way by Hans in his Gaming Champions video.

Bartosz Skwarczek, the CEO of G2A and founder of the initiative had this to say,

The growing number of gamers around the world are forming a skilled and confident community that can help solve real world issues, contributing to a more collaborative tomorrow. Hans’ story is just one of many examples that we believe unveil the real power of gaming. That’s what the Gaming Champions Awards are about – rewarding those who use gaming to make a difference in the real world

The categories for Gaming Champions are:

  • Life-saving – the people we award in this category distinguished themselves by saving someone in real life using the knowledge they picked up from games, or helped someone survive through the use of a game itself.
  • Accessibility – the nominees in this category have used video games to help people with disabilities, or worked on tools such as interactive entertainment to support the disabled in their daily lives.
  • Community – such an award is for those who value human community as the highest form of organization and use video games to create bonds and bring people together.
  • Education – this one is for the gamers who use video games for teaching and scientific purposes, or to make others more sensitive to certain social phenomena.

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