GAMEVIL, Com2uS & MLB Launch OOTP 22, Reveal Major Updates to Mobile Lineup


In preparation of the upcoming Opening Day, GAMEVIL and Com2uS have announced the release of a series of new MLB and MLB Players, Inc, licensed mobile games, and major 2021 seasonal updates to its live games portfolio catering to a wide variety of fans of the franchise. The two new releases include Out of the Park Baseball 22 and the Out of the Park Baseball GO.

Out of the Park Baseball 22 or OOTP 22 is the premier baseball management strategy game which is now available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux for $139.99 while Out of the Park Baseball GO or OOTP GO is a new in-development mobile version of the fan-favorite game that will arrive later this season for fans who want to take their team on the road. Along with the new releases, new expansive seasonal updates are coming to GAMEVIL and Com2uS’ live-service titles including:

  • MLB 9 Innings 21
  • MLB 9 Innings GM 2021
  • MLB Perfect Inning 2021

The updates will bring new players and updates rosters along with a variety of new and enhanced features that give players more ways to play and compete with one and another. Richard Grisham, Director of Business Development at GAMEVIL and Com2uS said:

At GAMEVIL and Com2uS, it’s our goal each year to create an immersive and all-encompassing series of baseball gaming experiences that can be enjoyed by every type of baseball fan and player. With the support of our partners at MLB and MLB Players, Inc., we’ve been able to incorporate the special nuances that makes baseball such a fun and exciting sport. From the ins-and-outs of team management to the unique stadium experience, our players can live out that baseball fantasy of managing from the dugout or stepping onto the mound to throw a pitch in a really authentic and gratifying way you can’t find anywhere else.

Evan Kaplan, Managing Director of MLB Players, Inc.. also commented:

Video games provide a powerful way to connect fans with their favorite teams, beloved Players and, most importantly, other fans to celebrate the culture of baseball. We could not be more excited to lead off the 2021 season with the launch of Out of the Park Baseball 22, a staple in baseball culture, and GAMEVIL and Com2uS’ mobile lineup of MLB titles so fans can take the game wherever they go.


The official press release details the new games and updates as:

  • Out of the Park Baseball 22 (OOTP 22) – Available today on Steam or direct from OOTP for PC, Mac and Linux – Out of the Park Development’s award-winning baseball strategy game transports players to the dugout to take their favorite teams all the way and build a baseball dynasty for the ages. Marking its 22nd anniversary, OOTP 22 is the most authentic, hands-on baseball management experience which gives players the chance to oversee every aspect of their MLB organization, from scouting, the draft, trades, and free agency to managing finances, personnel moves, and seasonal and day-of team strategies. Players can oversee their leagues at a high level and play entire seasons in minutes, or play out each game in the immersive 3D game mode, managing play-by-play or even pitch by pitch.
  • MLB 9 Innings 21– Update now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play – Players will step into the shoes of their favorite MLB star Players to become the league’s finest. To get to the top, players can compete in exhilarating real-time 3-inning matches, conquer League Mode to dominate the World Series, find the best players through dynamic Ranked Battle, and join the fierce competition among other MLB 9 Innings players worldwide in Clutch Hits Mode. MLB 9 Innings 21 introduces players to the enhanced graphics that allow them to experience the realistic stadium environment, along with new competitive PvP modes to put their batting, catching, and sliding skills to test and take their teams all the way.
  • MLB 9 Innings GM 2021 – Update launching on March 30 on the Apple App Store and Google Play – Taking on the role of a baseball general manager through their phone, players will build and manage their very own teams, creating a personal story in League Mode with the ultimate goal of becoming World Series Champions. Players can also compete against one another in the Tournament Mode or Club Match to show off their managerial skills in real-time or share their secrets to success. From recruiting, trading, scouting, and upgrading Players, players will be in full control of building a pennant worthy team. MLB 9 Innings GM 2021 introduces the updated 2021 MLB rosters and stats marking more than 200 Award Players from Rookie of the Year to MVP as well as the new Ultimate Player type. Players who pre-register for MLB 9 Innings GM 2021 will receive bonus rewards at launch.
  • MLB Perfect Inning 2021 – Update launching on March 30 on the Apple App Store and Google Play – This arcade-style simulation will have players controlling every aspect of an MLB game from pitches thrown to hitting from the batter’s box. Players will collect and assemble their own star-studded roster of their favorite MLB pros, participating in a variety of modes including a Season Mode, Home Run Derby, Live turn-based action mode, or Club Battle Mode. MLB Perfect Inning 2021 season update will add the new All-Time Best card type in addition to 25 of the best new players for each position as well as enhancements to the Player Piece upgrade system, PvP mode, and more. MLB Perfect Inning 2021 will be holding a special in-game event with cover athlete Clayton Kershaw (pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers), with more details available soon.

For additional details, you can check out the official websites of the above-mentioned video games.

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