Gamedev Fund Established to Help Indie Developers

Gamedev Fund

Early-stage investment fund called Gamedev Fund has been established to help talented indie developers in shipping their games. As the new initiative goes live, it is currently accepting applications for funding from developing teams across EU countries. Gamedev Fund has come together to contribute to the success of promising premium PC and console games.

Gamedev Fund has been established by video games industry veterans and apart from funding projects, it will also assist the developers in getting things done by providing knowledge, contacts, and funds.

The new initiative will also provide the new developers with a growing pool of mentors who are eager to share advice, and give directions for successful game development and launch. The team is currently proactively working to expand its network of advisors, fellow VCs, and publishers in order to match game development teams with relevant people in the industry who can help them to succeed.

Vytautas Dobilas, the co-founder of Gamedev Fund comments:

Gamedev Fund is a result of game industry veterans’ wish to give back to the community. What we’ve noticed is that after many years of experience in the industry, you start having this intrinsic drive to share your knowledge and help others to succeed. We can relate to game developers, we understand their needs and how it feels to be in a founder’s shoes. We know how challenging it is to acquire funding for your indie game, that is why we came together and collected the funds to support so many teams out there looking to ship their games.

If you currently are developing a game and your demo is ready and at hand, you can apply for additional funds for completing the publishing work of your game by submitting your game at the official submission website. Apart from this, Gamedev Fund is also looking for partners to join their network of mentors, fellow VCs, and publishers. All information is available on the official website.

The initiative originated from the Baltic and Nordic regions and it is now open for business with game developers from all EU countries. It is aiming to unite a number of professionals with diverse competence in the video games industry. Additional details about the initiative will be announced later and it is currently working to facilitate developers working on both PC and console games. There is no limitation on the platform.

For additional information, you can check out the official website.

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