Game Development World Championship Game Submissions Enter Last Month

Game Development World Championship

Game Development World Championship has announced the last call for game submissions for free. Interested developers can submit their games for free until February 28, 2023. Until now, more than 3,500 developers have submitted their projects and are confirmed for participation in the Game Development World Championship. Game Development World Championship is an annual global competition for game developers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

The competition has a lot of game categories for all types of developers including students, small indie teams to larger-scale indie games, and everything that falls in between these categories. For confirming their submission, the developers must submit a gameplay trailer along with a playable build, prototype, or game keys for testing. The submission process is really simple as the interested developers only need to create an account on the official website and then submit the requirements. After the submission is complete, the developer will be eligible to compete for great prizes.

The total prize pool for Game Development World Championship is over $115,000 along with professional software tools, IGDA memberships, a cash prize of $5,000, and a trip to Finland. Apart from winning prizes, all submissions in the GDWC will also gain massive visibility. Every month, the top 10 games are picked by audience engagement and votes. You can check out the top 10 games for February 2023 below:

#10 – Spirits of Baciu – Spirits of Baciu is a puzzle adventure game that features a mysterious cat-like spirit who suddenly awakes in the dark forest of Hoia Baciu where a strange journey begins.

#9 – Selini – Selini is a Metroidvania featuring a cryptic and alluring journey in the foggy wastelands. The world is filled with abandoned machinery and forgotten ruins that you will explore and revive the old machines to use as transportation to interconnect the world. It will launch its Kickstarter campaign soon.

#8 – Each Other – This is a top-down puzzle game where you will guide Edwin and Judy while avoiding the supervisors in order to escape from their orphanage. The only real problem here is that both characters move at the same time and you will need to strategize your every move in order to complete each level.

#7 – Two Sisters – In Two Sisters, you will play as Barbara who is a photographer and she receives an unusual proposal: Photograph a village filled with bizarre secrets. This is a first-person horror game set in the 90s that will let you explore a haunting village with nothing but a camera in your hand. To look around, you will use your camera’s flash as you do not even have a flashlight or candles with you.

#6 – Bonding Ambivalence – This game is an asymmetrical co-op first-person puzzle game set inside a French cyberpunk universe. You and your partner must investigate a sudden shutdown of a research facility while communicating with each other as you traverse the hostile environment.

#5 – BattleReign – This free-to-play third-person shooter is all about role-playing and sci-fi weapons. You will dive into Henna’s world while taking on hordes of monsters while searching for a ring in order to set your people free.

#4 – A World of Little Legends – A game inspired by Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Zelda that combines their best mechanics into a single package. The most unique aspect of this game is that nearly all of the game development work was done live on Twitch and the game already has a strong fanbase.

#3 – Lifespace Traveler – This is an action-packed and easy-to-learn game however if you want to master it, it is not an easy game. In Lifespace Traveler, you will fight your way and test your reflexes in fast-paced, brutal combat as you reveal the mystery of an unforgiving dystopian world.

#2 – NERF Superblast – This is another free-to-play action shooter currently in development for mobile platforms in partnership with Hasbro. In this fast and fun multiplayer game, you will fight with other players using authentic NERF Blasters. This simple shooter features easy-to-pick mechanics for all ages and boasts addictive gameplay.

#1 – Bob: A Thousand Lives – This is a dark-themed action-platformer where you play as the titular Bob. On Bob’s latest adventure, you will try to overcome his biggest challenge which is to overcome his past.

For additional information about Game Development World Championship or submitting your game, you can check out the official website.

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