G2A Responds To “Sponsored Posts” Email, Claims It Was Unauthorized

G2A Sponsored Posts

G2A sent an email to a couple of publications asking them to post content on its behalf without marking it as sponsored posts. The email was leaked by one of the publications as this is an unethical business practice.

We have seen this happen before and these kinds of business practices are frowned upon in the gaming community. If you are paying a publication for a piece of content then it has to be marked as a sponsored post. You can check out the email below:

G2A has bee under fire these past couple of days for buying ads for some indie game titles. That way if people search for these specific games, they go to G2A rather than the developer’s site or the official store from where the game is being sold.

It is safe to say that G2A is already under a lot of heat and mistakes are being made too frequently now. G2A replied to the “Sponsored Posts” email issue and mentioned that these emails were not authorized. The following is the official statement from the company:

These e-mails were sent by our employee without authorization, for which we apologize to SomeIndieGames and the 9 (!) other media outlets he sent this proposal to. He will face strict consequences, as this is absolutely unacceptable.

G2A is known for operating in the Grey market and some seriously shady business practices. While the company claims that the majority of people do not understand what the business model is I have to say that these kinds of stunts do not create a great impression. I am sure that this is going to leave a mark and not in a very good way.

Let us know what you think about G2A sending these “Sponsored Posts” emails and whether or not you think this is even legal.

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