Frostpunk is Coming to Xbox One and PS4, Release Expected in Summer

Frostpunk Xbox One PS4

11 bit Studios has announced that their city-building survival strategy game Frostpunk is heading to Xbox One and PS4. A confirmed release date will be announced later however as of now; we have a summer 2019 release window. The console version will bring all features and mechanics present in the PC version to the console version.

11 bit Studios have released a brand new trailer for the game in celebration of the console release. The game will bring its complex strategy challenge and the rich narrative set in the 19th-century industrial revolution era. The game features a planet which has been frozen mysteriously and the civilization known to mankind has ceased to exist.

The game will offer players to build their own sanctuary on the planet and give humanity a second chance at survival. As players build their civilization from scratch and strive for survival, they will have the option to give their civilizations freedom to live in the city or use a more tyrannically approach and run the city their own way.

The developer is trying hard to make the game as close to the PC release as possible and adjust the mechanics to be as authentic as possible while staying convenient for console gamers as well. Porting the game is literally easy however managing the controls and tuning them to be more friendly for a strategy game on a console is not easy.

This is the main reason, why the developer has not released a confirmed launch date at this point because they want to ensure that the title is fully developed and in the best shape possible before they announced a release date. Lead Designer Kuba Stokalski states in the official press release:

We don’t want to reveal the exact release date yet, but I can say that the game should be out in the summer.

This being said, we at least have a release window and it looks like we will not have to wait a long time for the game to come out. Summer is just around the corner. The console version will have all free updates and content which was released earlier for the PC version of the game. It will also feature revised controls and adjusted mechanics to make the game simpler to play on consoles. Additional updates are planned for the future as well.

According to the official press release, 11 Bit Studios detail Frostpunk’s features as:

  • Maintain Hope – Survival is about hope and the will to live. Your ability to spark and maintain these two in your people will be a determinant factor for success.
  • Make The Law – Society is a group of people abiding by the same rules and sharing similar beliefs. Establishing laws and customs will be a crucial factor in shaping your society.
  • Weigh Your Choices – Will you allow child-labor? How will you treat the sick and wounded? Frostpunk challenges tactical skills while questioning your morality.
  • Explore – Expeditions, while risky, can bring you valuable intel, precious supplies and grow your society’s population. There may be people out there, and their fate lies solely in your hands.
  • Play Endlessly – Endless Mode offers new maps, game modes, mechanics, and allows you to dive into the Frostpunk experience deeper than ever before.

You can check the new console announcement trailer below.

Frostpunk is now available on PC while PS4 and Xbox One versions will arrive in summer 2019.

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