Frostpunk ‘Endless Mode’ DLC is Free – Comes in a Patch With Additional Fixes to the Game

Frostpunk released April 24, 2018 exclusively for Microsoft Windows. The game is developed by 11 bit Studios. The game sold a total of 250,000 copies in its first three days of release. If you have not bought the game still, it is currently 33% off in Steam Autumn Sale.

The much awaited downloadable content for Frostpunk was its ‘Endless Mode’ DLC. It is out now and you can get it completely free. The downloadable content will be added to your base game once you update the game with recently released patch.

Frostpunk is another take from 11 bit Studios who are famously known for their successful game ‘This War of Mine‘. The game takes place in an entire frozen world, where society is pushed to the brink of extinction. People in this frozen society must develop steam engines to counter the overwhelming cold.

11 bit studios released a trailer showcasing the features that will be a part of ‘Endless Mode’ in Frostpunk. We will detail here the features that are part of the free DLC, but, just in case you missed the trailer, watch here.

Frostpunk ‘Endless Mode’ Features

  • Experience the endless playthrough
  • 3 new maps
  • 2 brand new game modes
  • Randomised frostlands
  • New Archives mechanic
  • New city decorations

In addition to free ‘Endless Mode’ downloadable content, update 1.3.0 also introduced some fixes in the game. We will mention here the fixes that are a part of update 1.3.0.

  • People can no longer be arrested while all the wardens are busy, for example building something
  • Gravely ill should head to Infirmary more timely
  • Hungry or ill people on scout teams no longer make completing certain quests impossible
  • Wall Drill line has now proper heating level progression
  • Using RMB to move the camera no longer closes the construction panel
  • Videos should no longer disappear after using Alt+Tab
  • Fixed a bug with Automaton Scouts not always revealing new sites
  • The economy panel now shows the correct number of free places in a Care House
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the list of saved games to disappear from Save menu
  • Automatons assigned to Charcoal Kilns are now counted towards the quest goal in The Arks
  • Fixed an exploit with rebuilding the Outpost for extra Coal in The Fall of Winterhome
  • Shadow rendering system optimization and quality improvements
  • Other small fixes and tweaks

Are you playing Frostpunk? Share your Endless Mode DLC experience with us in comments section below.



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