Frostpunk is Getting a Board Game, Kickstarter Starting This Fall

Frostpunk Board Game

Frostpunk is one of the best and brutal strategy games currently available on PC and consoles developed by 11 bit studios. It is the first society survival game ever created where you are tasked with establishing a last stand for the humankind after a brutal winter struck the world and has brought mankind to its knees. Currently, the developer is working on the game’s final expansion On the Edge. The developer has now announced that Frostpunk is getting a board game and its Kickstarter will begin this fall.

If you have played Frostpunk on PC or consoles, then you would already know that this game is brutal and depends on your skill and good governance skills. The board game is going to follow the same steps as it will provide tough moral choices, challenging and strategic gameplay combines with emotion-driven narrative and lots and lots of snow. The brand-new board game is a result of a new partnership between 11 bit studios and Glass Cannon Unplugged.

Glass Cannon Unplugged is a new tabletop game studio formed by a group of industry veterans that include Jakub Wiśniewski, the man behind the highly acclaimed This War of Mine: The Board Game and Michal Ozon, former COO of board game publisher Phalanx. They are both accompanied by an independent author Adam Kwapinski, a world-class board game designer who has titles like Nemesis and Lords of Hellas under his belt.

In Frostpunk: The Board Game, up to four players will take on the role of leaders of a small colony of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The colony has been hit by a severe ice age and the players must effectively manage both the infrastructure and citizens of this colony. The gameplay will be brutal, complex, and challenging however it will have a short learning curve allowing even new players to jump in the action quickly.

Since emotions play a vital role in the original video game, the makers of the board game will make sure that this particular factor plays a major role in the board game as well. Their goal is to ensure that the citizens don’t just feel like speechless pieces on the board rather they will have demands for their leaders and will react accordingly to the current mood in the society. Each decision made by the players will have big consequences on the lives of their people so they will need to think carefully and then act accordingly.

The leaders i.e. the players will decide the fate of their people and will have the option to treat them like just another resource or actually help them grow and become inspiring builders, fearless explorers or bright scientists. More details on Frostpunk: The Board Game will be shared at a later stage. The Kickstarter for the game is slated to begin this fall so we can expect the board game to launch next year. Make sure that you check out our review of Frostpunk on consoles and its first expansion The Last Autumn.

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