Frictional Games is Teasing Their Next Big Video Game

Frictional Games Next Game

If you are a fan of horror games, then there is a very good chance that you will be well aware of some of the games of Frictional Games. They include horror masterpieces like Soma, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the entire Penumbra franchise. Their last release was Soma back in 2015 and since then the developer has been sitting really quietly with no new releases or announcements. This time around, we have some news or teasers of the next game which is currently under development at Frictional Games.

For quite some time now, Frictional Games has been releasing some small teaser videos of their upcoming video game and it has us aboard the hype train again. We all remember that Frictional Games did something similar when it was about to reveal Soma to the world. Judging by all the videos released so far, we can easily say that the new game is a horror title as well and it might be set in some sort of a mine.

Up till now, Frictional Games has released five teasers for its upcoming game with the latest one being clearly marked as ‘New Game Teaser: ‘I am Tasi’. This makes us wonder that we might be playing the game as Tasi or she might be a key character in the upcoming title. We have linked all of the videos below. The first video is titled ‘Box 7 Reel 2, Partial Success’ while the video description states: ‘Artefact 1/7/115, marked “Triple Crown”. Video unrecoverable, Audio track fragment reconstructed, denoised.’

Check it out below.

Friction Games later released the teaser titled ‘Box 52, Tape 16’ which has the description: ‘Video Cassette 16/2/83, copy from a private collection. Marked Shetpe, KSSR.’

This was followed by yet another teaser titles ‘Box 12, Recent Acquisitions’ with the description: ‘Recovered 12/5/2018, via source S576a. Salzburg, site TBD. Document retrieval failed, investigation commissioned.’

Frictional Games followed this with another teaser titled ‘Box 17, Card 9’ with the description: ‘Recovered 12/2/2013 via source S118. Manila envelope marked “Ivry – Edouard et Thérèse” in blue ink.’ We can clearly see two characters, one male and the other female, exploring some sort of a mine or a cave which then get attacked by an unknown entity.

The latest video released by Frictional Games actually says: ‘New Game Teaser: ‘I am Tasi’ however there is no video description this time around. It could be that the game’s name is I am Tasi but it could be just the name of the in-game character. The 27-second video does not show much but has audio where a woman in a desert is trying to explain to someone that she is still Tasi.

These are all the five teasers that the developer has released so far. We are sure that this is their next horror game and it looks to be amazing if the game is actually going to make more use of open-spaces. We’ve seen that their previous titles mostly were inside and closed environments so an open environment would be a pleasant change in their traditional horror games. There is no official reveal or announcement date yet but it seems that it might come really soon.

What do you think is Frictional Games working on next? Which type of horror game would you like to see Frictional Games release next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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