Foxx Arrives in Flash Party as the Latest Hero

Flash Party Foxx

Developer XD Games has announced the release of FOXX, the latest hero for Flash Party as the game’s ninth season The Wheel of Destiny is in full swing. Foxx is a new Assaulter-type fighter and is now part of the game’s ever-expanding roster. Foxx comes equipped with a scalpel and can dish out devastating attacks at close range with one or two tricks hidden up his sleeve. To celebrate the release of Foxx, XD Games has released a showcase trailer for Foxx as well. Check it out below:

The developer details that Foxx will be a choice for players who prefer a more close-quarters action rather than players who prefer ranged combat. Foxx will be the 22nd hero in Flash Party and will utilize the unique combos his scalpels can provide. He is able to deliver a massive amount of damage to his enemies using his scalpel attacks at close range. His neutral attack uses his blue scalpel which applies a ‘Soul Mark’ to the enemies. Using his red scalpel, Foxx is able to land lethal follow-up attacks and even detonate the ‘Soul Mark’ to create an extra explosion.

Flash Party Foxx

To finish things off, Foxx can use the lethal two-pronged attack that will give him a vital edge against his enemies in battle. If you equip Colorful Stickers, Foxx’s skills will gain even stronger combo abilities, and his giant hand will be empowered even more. It is perfect for grabs, counterattacks, or landing the final blow on your enemies. The scalpel is Foxx’s weapon of victory, his spectral hand is his ultimate support and the soul fire under Foxx’s eye patch will ignite cheers and applause throughout the game.

Apart from adding Foxx to the game, XD Games has also announced the release of a new Legendary Skin for Alice: The Little Gardener. The Little Gardener for Alice will arrive soon in Flash Party along with Vernal Ode and a new hero Foxx skin: Primavera Painter. Both the skins and the hero Foxx are available to purchase in-game now. Flash Party is currently available on Play Store, App Store, and PC via Steam. Flash Party was released earlier this year.

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