Fortnite v8.40 Update Arrives with Air Royale LTM and More

Fortnite Air Royale Challenges Guide

Epic Games has released the v8.40 update for Fortnite and it brings a brand new Air Royale LTM, new variants for Infantry Rifle and more to the game. Along with these two, the new update also adds new Scoreboard customization for Creative. The new update is now live and players can jump in the game and try out the new content added to the game.

Air Royale is a brand new LTM in which players will take control of the skies in the X-4 Stormwing planes. X-4 Stormwing were removed at the start of the current season however they are now back in the new LTM. In the mode, players play in squads of two and each plane in the game has three lives.

Touch the ground and you will be eliminated from the match. Park the airplane on the ground and your plane will explode after some time. Players can hijack planes of their opposition to nab a free life. In this mode, the ceiling of the arena is reduced which causes the airspace to shrink massively in the final stages of the game.

The Infantry Rifle was added to the game some time ago and the new update brings two brand new variants for it. You can now find Epic and Legendary variants for the gun in chests and loot drops. The higher level variants feature increased damage and accuracy. The ability to pet dogs and other pets in the game have also been added in the new update.

Another LTM mode is in the pipeline and will arrive soon in Fortnite called Food Fight – Deep Friend. In this mode, two teams will spawn in the game on each side of the island with a barrier in the middle. Players will need to build a fort to protect their restaurant from the enemies and try to kill the enemy team’s mascot when the barrier is removed.

You can check out the detailed patched notes at the official press release by Epic Games. The new update brings tons of fixes and upgrades with it as well. Recently, we also got a leak which stated that Shadow Bombs and Drones might arrive in Fortnite.

What is your favorite addition to Fortnite in the new v8.40 update? Share with us in the comments section below.

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