Brand New Fortnite Themed Purple Xbox One S Leaked

Fortnite Xbox One S

A brand new version of Xbox One S has leaked online and this time it is based on the immensely popular battle royale game Fortnite and it will be purple in color.  The special edition Fortnite Xbox One S will also come with many digital goodies and will be the best console for any fan of the game.

Naturally, the special edition purple Fortnite Xbox One S will come with an exclusive skin for the players as well. It is a brand new skin called Dark Vertex and players will also get 2000 V-bucks right out of the box which will allow them to purchase the Battle Pass for Fortnite along with some other digital goodies to begin their battle royale experience in style.

The console will also come with 1 month’s subscription to both Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass which is the standard on every Xbox One bundle these days. The console model comes with the disc drive and it is not the digital-only version that Microsoft released some time ago. The console will come in ‘Gradient Purple’ design which is also a first time for the console.

Check out the leaked image below.

Fortnite Xbox One S

The leaked image was released by a German website called WinFuture. This is not the first time Microsoft is teaming up with Epic Games to release an Xbox One S bundle with Fortnite however the previous bundle only came with the standard console and exclusive skin. This time around, however, fans will nab a special themed console as well.

The theme on the console goes well with the brand new skin Dark Vertex that it comes with. Apart from this, the buyers will also get a special glider as well as a mining tool special to the Dark Vertex skin. The console itself will come with a 1TB HDD which is a pretty decent size. The controller features a special purple skin as well.

The console has not been officially announced by Microsoft at this point but it might be revealed soon. A release date for the console is also not known at this point. Stay tuned for any further updates on the Fortnite Xbox One S.

Will you be interested in purchasing the purple Fortnite Xbox One S when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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