Fortnite is now the reason behind more than 200 Divorce Proceedings


Fortnite, the hottest battle royale title, is in the news all the time for how much of a success story it has become over the past year. It has inspired many AAA developers to jump in the genre and thanks to Fortnite and Epic Games, the most commonly played genre these days is Battle Royale.

What started as a harmless free-to-play mode of an Early Access game featuring cartoony graphics, has now become the most addicted game that has people from every age hooked to it. It is also Epic Games highest profit generating franchise of all times as well and it has managed to do that in just a year.

Every now and then, we come across a game that takes the world by storm and people everywhere start playing it all the time. Games like Flappy Bird and Pokémon Go were mobile games and they took the community by storm but they died eventually. Fortnite started its journey on consoles but then it made its way to mobile devices as well as it gained traction.

After achieving milestone after milestone, Fortnite has yet reached another milestone currently and it is not really a positive milestone. This time, Fortnite is in the news because it has been the cause of a lot of couple’s divorce in the UK. A recent report has stated that in 2018, more than 200 divorce proceedings were carried out with Fortnite citied in them.

These facts are presented in the form of a report by the online divorce service Divorce Online. According to them, these numbers are from UK only and that too in 2018. Fortnite came out in Fall 2017. This figure represents around 5% of total divorces that happened in the UK last year so it is a pretty big number.

It is not the first time that we have seen people getting overly addicted to a video game but the Fortnite addiction is taking personal problems to a completely new level. It is ruining relationships to the point that people are filing divorces against their addictive partners. In all this fiasco, we cannot blame Epic Games, as people should play games responsibly themselves.

Epic Games has been working tirelessly to keep Fortnite in top shape and is listening to players’ feedback and trying to implement it as well in the game as much as they can do. This is the main reason that why Fortnite has left the competition in the dust as Epic Games is working to actually improve the game and churning out new content for the players to keep the game fresh.

We understand that Fortnite is a highly addictive game and people are unable to stop playing it round after round but they should not make it hinder their personal lives to the extent where other people in your lives just want to part ways with you. Even with this said no one game has managed to accomplish this task so we guess that a round of toast is due for Epic Games and Fortnite.

Article Source: The Daily Do

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