Fortnite is Getting a Brand New Creator Mode in Season 7


Fortnite Season 7 is just two days away now and a new leak suggests that the new season will bring a brand new ‘Creative’ mode to the game which will be separate from Battle Royale. This would be the third game mode for the game.

This mode will allow players to have their own private Fortnite servers where they will have unlimited resources and time to build up their own custom maps where they will have the ability to invite friends over and join in the fun.

With the introduction of ‘Creative’ Fortnite will have a third tab on the main screen where players will be able to choose Save the World, Battle Royale and Creative. This is the first time a season is bringing an update not part of Battle Royale and this is a great move by Epic Games to further expand the game rather than just focusing on Battle Royale mode.

This leak was made by a Youtube Lachlan who has actually played the mode but somehow managed to leak the information despite the embargo. This was going to be revealed at The Game Awards event happening this Thursday. The original video has since been taken down but we all know that once something makes it way to the internet, it stays there forever.

Check out the tweet below.

The mode will work pretty much like Minecraft where players can build whatever they want, adding their friends, developing their custom maps and then sharing it across the world. Epic Games had recently announced that they were going to reveal something big and it will not be Season 7 so we are guessing that it was this mode.

The Game Awards is happening this Thursday so we will finally be able to see the new mode in action soon. Epic Games have also announced their own online game store where they will be giving 88% share to the developers. Epic Games is going big with Fortnite and the new creative mode is simply going to give players another reason to fire up the free to play title on their consoles. Season 7 of Fortnite is also kickstarting this Friday.

Let us know in the comments section below about how do you feel about Creative mode coming to Fortnite.

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