Fortnite Creators Can Earn Real Money When Their Supporters Spend in-game Money

Fortnite Season 06 has kickstarted since couple of weeks and it has brought many new things to the table. Epic Games are always looking for something new in every season. This season, Epic Games have recently announced ‘Support A Creator’ event.

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This is a special promotion that runs for a limited time. Epic Games have said that Fortnite creators can earn real world money after their fans spend in-game V-bucks. This is something new Epic Games is trying out in the community. However, only creators can earn real world money not their supports.

How Can You Support Your Creator

‘Support A Creator’ event will begin some time in next week and runs till December 31, 2018. Once the event starts, there will an option ‘Support A Creator’ from the shop in battle royale. The same option will also be available in the loot tab in Save the World. Then you need to enter the tag of the creator you want to support.

How To Become A Creator

Epic Games lists certain requirements for you to become a creator. For one, you must have 1000 followers on at least one social platform, eg: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram or others. Second, a creator must have regular content created and uploaded in last 30 days.

Scratch away your thought if you are thinking to jump into Fortnite season 06 now and become a creator, that is not going to happen. Epic’s creator requirements clearly present challenges for opportunists out there.

How Much A Creator Will Earn

Epic Games have given an example on how much a creator can earn from their supporters. The answer is mentioned on the website. It says, if supporters spend 10,000 V-bucks, their creators will earn $5 or equivalent currency. That is to say, if supporters spend a total of 50,000 V-bucks, that particular creator will earn $25.

While this does not seem that much of a lucrative event, it is still interesting to see how much V-bucks supporters will spend for their Twitch Fortnite creators. Stay tuned to our page to know more.

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