Fortnite is Going to Bring Avengers: Endgame Content This Week

Fortnite Avengers

Fortnite is teaming up with the Avengers once again, and this time it is to promote Avengers: Endgame. The content is set to come this week on April 25. This is not the first Avengers crossover event, as previously with the launch of Infinity Wars, Fortnite developers added the Infinity Gauntlet in the game that allowed players to become Thanos.

The announcement was made on the official Fortnite Twitter account where it confirmed the crossover event coming this week. Players will get to experience the Avenger: Endgame content on Epic’s popular battle royale game.

The picture shows one of the Fortnite avatars wielding Captain America’s shield. While this is just a teaser, more information will start rolling out in the next couple of days.

Last year, Epic partnered with Marvel to bring Thanos into Fortnite. This was through a limited time mode where it allowed players to become Thanos, and a powerful flying version of the villain. Players could fight for the Infinity Gauntlet to become Thanos, fly around and use its powers to fight other players. If defeated, the Infinity Gauntlet would be given to the player who eliminates Thanos.

The Infinity Gauntlet mode came out almost two weeks after the release of the movie. But the Endgame content shows that is planned to come out later this week, shows that Marvel and Epic have had this planned earlier, as it comes a day later after the release of the movie.

The new content will be somewhat similar, and surely be a limited time mode as well. Instead of Thanos, we might possible be getting something related to Captain America and his shield.

What do you think of the Avengers crossover event coming in Fortnite? Let us know what you think will be revealed this week in the game. Post your comments below.

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