Forager Consoles Release Announced for This Month, Physical Set for September

Forager PS4 Switch

HopFrog has announced that their open-world game Forager is finally heading to PS4 and Nintendo Switch this July. The developer has also announced that the game will be getting a physical release in September. This news is surely going to please fans who were unable to play on PC and were waiting for a console release.

Forager was released on PC back in April 2019 and it was a solid open-world scavenging game. The best aspect of Forager is that goes well beyond the foraging and it also adds numerous other mechanics in the mix such as brutal combat, insane boss fights, puzzle solving, dungeon crawling and a lot more. While you will spend some time farming and foraging peacefully, you will also be spending time exploring dark dungeons full of monsters trying to survive.

You can check out the Nintendo Switch trailer for Forager below.

In Forager, you have the complete freedom of how you want to explore and build. You can purchase additional land as well and the game comes with its own unique biomes which range from green pastures, sandy deserts to ice covered lands. You will be able to collect resources and build different structures in the game that will help you in different ways.

Another important aspect of playing Forager is solving different puzzles. Everywhere you go, you will find some really tricky puzzles which once solved will land some cool loot or open up new areas for you to explore. You will need to solve these puzzles if you really want to get some cool loot.

Sometimes you will even land in lairs of giant monsters who when killed will drop some great loot for you. Forager is one of the most deceiving games because it looks adorable and innocent but it is brutal when it comes to combat and puzzle solving.

Forager is now out on PC while PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions are coming out on July 30, 2019. A physical release is slated for September 2019.

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