Turn-based Roguelike RPG For The King II Gets New Trailer

For The King II Trailer

Publisher Curve Games and developer IronOak Games have released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming title For the King II. For the King II is a roguelike turn-based RPG and is a sequel to the critically acclaimed For the King which managed to sell millions of copies. The new trailer for For The King II reveals new in-game details and features such as a new vehicle type, new pets and mercenaries, and the return of the Scourge system from the first game. Check out the new trailer before we dive deep into additional details:

The new trailer reveals Landboats which are a new type of vehicle introduced in For The King II. Using these Landboats, players will journey through the world with their friends and explore the overworld. The trailer also reveals Mercenaries and Pets, another feature that is new for the sequel. Players will be able to recruit these mercenaries and also keep pets in their party which will fight alongside them in order to help them overcome fight challenges that are not possible otherwise.

Apart from the new additions, the Scourges system featured in the original For The King is also making a comeback in For The King II and it will introduce a newly imagined ‘Hangman’ in a stunning new art style. If you are new to the For The King franchise, these games are inspired by the tabletop adventures of the same name. For The King II builds upon everything that made the first so good and enhances and expands the game’s challenging blend of strategy, turn-based combat, and roguelike elements to create an epic new experience that also includes one of the most requested fan features: four-player co-op.

For The King II Trailer

As of now, no confirmed release date for For The King II has been announced however the game is slated for release in 2023. While we wait for a release date announcement, you can head over to the game’s Steam page and add the game to your wishlist right now.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer released for For The King II? Let us know in the comments section below.

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