Final Nintendo Direct Reveals Online Features in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases December 7, 2018 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Yesterday, a Nintendo Direct event revealed more information on how the online features work in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Nintendo Direct event announced that the online matchmaking will be based on three factors. Players can team or if they wish, they can compete each other in local as well as in online play.

First factor, this is preferred rules. The players can set a preset of preferences before joining any co-op or PVP match. The game will look for exact matchmaking preferences for other players and will join together both.

Second factor, it is called Global Smash Power or GSP. In other games, GSP acts as a leaderboard in Smash games. This time, the GSP is different. It will now affect the matchmaking for any player with different value of GSP. The GSP is affected by game’s population and performance. Players will be able to set their GSP scores for each individual fighters.

Third and final factor , the proximity. Once a player sets proximity for matchmaking. He will be joined with a player who is in shorter distance to him or her. This will discard the preferences set for online features and will matchmake people with mismatched preferences.

Additionally, there will be Elite Battles. They will become available for players who will have higher GSP. Elite Battles will be taken into account post-launch. It will also serve as game balancing event.

There will be a ‘The Smash Tag’ feature. It will allow players to customize and own their own tags. Also, players can collect tags of other players, once they are defeated.

There will be short preset messages that players can send to their competitors. They can also be sent after defeating your opponent. They will be accessible through directional buttons.

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