Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Arrives on PS5 as Developer Shares New Gameplay Video

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Extended Demo

In a special State of Play broadcast, Square Enix not only announced the release of an exclusive PS5 demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth but also revealed 11 minutes of new gameplay from the upcoming title. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will continue the journey of Cloud Strife along with his companions as they explore a massive world outside Midgar, the city of Mako while hot on the trail of Sephiroth. The new video showcased 11 brand-new minutes of gameplay that were not showcased before, and it shows us the beautiful world and new gameplay elements.

Check out the new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Final Trailer showcased at the latest event:

In the newly released Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo, you will get a chance to play not only as Cloud but also as Sephiroth who is the game’s main antagonist. The Sephiroth gameplay section is part of the extended flashback section where Cloud recalls his time on an earlier mission in his career as a soldier called the Nibelheim incident. This event took place several years before the events of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but this will set the stage for different important moments within the game. Square Enix has announced that before the game’s full release, this demo will receive yet another update which will allow all players to explore part of the Junon region.

Check out the brand-new 11-minutes of exclusive gameplay showcased during the State of Play:

In these 11 minutes, you will see the stage of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth which is a gigantic map comprised of several areas joined together. You will have a wide variety of methods to move around the world such as riding Chocobos. If you are new to the series, Chocobos is the primary source of movement in the Final Fantasy series, and you can consider them as equivalent to any other game’s buggies or bikes. Chocobos in different areas have different abilities such as swimming through rivers, jumping over mushroom footholds, and even scaling tall cliffs. Each area will have plenty of points of interest for you to explore and investigate.

There are different categories of these categories such as World Intel, Odd Jobs, and Sanctuaries. World Intel will allow you to survey the world as you fight fearsome enemies and seek different resources or hidden treasures. Odd Jobs will allow you to dive deeper into the world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and its many characters. Revealed in the latest State of Play are Sanctuaries which reveal knowledge of the game’s summons which will help Cloud and his companions in different scenarios. There are also tons of unique and colorful mini-games for you to take part in.


If you prefer sticking to the main story of the game, you will get to experience an emotional storytelling experience which has been refined even further for the new release. Featuring high-quality, rich graphics thanks to the powerful SSD in the PS5, you can view the subtle nuances of the emotional state of the characters, further elevating the narrative experience as you forge ever-strong bonds with your companions. Cloud’s relationships with his companions will change according to his actions and dialogues. You can also date companions based on your own personal preferences. Getting closer to your companions will unlock synergy skills that only companions with a close relationship can perform.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is slated for release on February 29, 2023, however, if you own the PS5, you can jump into the free demo right now. The demo is slated to receive an update later this month to add even more content to the game as well.


What are your thoughts on the latest State of Play announcing the release of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo, the final trailer, and the new gameplay video? Let us know in the comments section below.

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